Improve Your Wellness: Presenting the Health Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage started in Japan. This type of massage involves the use of hands, palms, and thumbs to press specific body points that are said to treat all sorts of health conditions. Here are the top health benefits of shiatsu massage that you must know.


Helps in Relaxation


The main key purpose of any type of massage is to give a person comfort and help in relaxation. It is the prime reason why many want to spend their leisure in searching for an excellent spa. However, despite the similarity amidst the purpose of massage, shiatsu is quite unique. Shiatsu massage can help your body to relax two times more compared to other types of massages. According to a study from the European Shiatsu Federation, there is an astounding 95 percent of individuals who claimed they felt calmer and relaxed after a shiatsu massage session. Thus, if your body is feeling the burden of stress either from your work or at home, take some time to unwind and relieve stress through shiatsu massage.


Reduces Muscle Soreness and Muscle Aches


Athletes and individuals who work using their physical strength often suffer from muscle soreness and aches after a day at their job. Your muscles are composed of tissues and receive energy through proper blood circulation. However, too much physical exertion can cause the muscles to be bunched up and tensed which blocks the blood from passing through. This is what causes cramps and spasms in muscles.


Having shiatsu massage can boost your muscle’s health.


Moreover, it can ease the pain and soreness you feel especially after performing a physical activity. Shiatsu massage can release the tension and soreness in muscles through rubbing, pulling and pressing the acupressure points in your body. Aside from muscle soreness, shiatsu massage can treat back pains, and joint pains.


Improves Blood Circulation


Some diseases are linked to poor blood circulation. In addition, stroke, shock, and deadly heart attacks usually stem from this problem. Therefore, if you have a cardiovascular disorder or is suffering from hypertension, you must be watchful of your blood pressure all the time. One way to regulate your blood circulation and pressure is through shiatsu massage. In shiatsu massage, a therapist only presses certain points in your body that can help to enhance your health including blood circulation. In addition, the kneading of muscles supports in removing the blocks in your nerves that prevents the blood the pass through. Thus, together with healthy eating and regular exercise, spare some time to visit a spa for a shiatsu massage.


Now, some of you may complain about going to a spa to have this massage especially if the wellness center in your area is quite far from your place. Here is some good news for you! You can now enjoy the luxury and health benefits of shiatsu massage without visiting a spa or calling a massage therapist. All you have to do is find the best massage chair with shiatsu massage features with the help of Massage