A Better Understanding of Ageless Body System

Aging is a process that every person in this world will go through. The sad thing about it is that it is unstoppable unless once goes for several and regular cosmetic enhancements. The good thing is that there are many ways for people to slow down the process of aging. That is the reason why some people look younger than their age while others look older than their actual age. The difference usually lies on the lifestyle of the individual. Nevertheless, there are already experts who are willing to share their anti-aging knowledge to people.


With that in regard, the Ageless Body System has been published and is now available to the public. However, many skeptics ask ” does the Ageless Body System work? ” In order to answer such, we should look into the components or contents of this book. The Ageless Body System has been created by a beauty expert under the name of Rome Barassam. The promise is that every little thing that is written in the book are the top beauty secrets that big and expensive beauty clinics and manufacturers are hiding from the public. So what will people expect when they buy this book?

One of the most amazing things about it is that people will be able to learn how to formulate their own age-spot reduction products. They are the ones that will not just reduce the problem but will also halt the occurrence of such. The book also lists down effect and safe techniques or ways on how people can tighten their skin. Thus, there is lesser or no possibility of having a sagging skin, which, is also part of the aging process. What is better is that anti-aging and beauty products that have bad effects on the skin have been listed down so that users will be able to know which ones to avoid.


Apart from beauty products, the book or program will also help users achieve a younger-looking skin by helping them cleanse from the inside. That is because they will be able to find ways on how to correct their meal plans as well as their exercise routines. Thus, using this book will not just help you look young but will also help you achieve good health.


The greatest thing about this book is that it is very instructional. Hence, it gives enough details and not just gives a touch-up of certain information. It also built a so-called InstaFitFuel fitness community wherein people who own the book can seek help from fellow users. Likewise, the program does not involve any form of chemicals and needles. Thus, it is safe, non-invasive, and natural. Likewise, users will also surely save a ton of money from buying and trying out several over-the-counter anti-aging creams, oils, toners, and moisturizers. The only problem is that this book is in the form of an ebook. Thus, users need to read it on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone screen. Likewise, it should be downloaded and printed if users want to read it in the form of a real book.

Top Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

Technology has really changed how people do things and live in general. The different modern innovation has allowed people to do things in a simpler and faster way. It has made many things more available and easy to access. Health, wellness, leisure and others that were quite expensive and difficult to achieve are now made more obtainable through many various technological discoveries and products. One of these products is called the zero gravity chair.


A zero gravity chair is a chair that provides the body the feeling of floating. Although it does not actually eliminate the gravity, it makes the person experience being weightless or light by putting the body into a zero-gravity position. There are so many people who have discovered the different benefits the chair has offered to their health. Here are just some of them:


It relaxes your body


With all the stressful and tiring activities that you do every day, resting on the zero gravity chair would help relax not only the body but also the mind. By sitting on the device, one can get rid of the stress and the various pains that the body is feeling because of the activities are done during the day. The neck and the back would be relaxed in the fullest.


It improves the circulation in the body


Because the body is in a horizontal position, the heart will pump with the help of gravity. This allows the blood to be distributed evenly in different parts of the body where it should be. Oxygen will be delivered quicker, too. This also takes the strain off the heart as it won’t have to pump too hard for the blood to reach the extremities of the body.


It helps reduce the pressure on the spine


On the chair, the body is positioned with the legs elevated higher than the heart. In this position, the pressure that the spine and the vertebra are getting would be spread throughout the body. People with back pains and severe spine disorders find the zero gravity chairs helpful. The chair can be adjusted to different angles for various back problems.


It increases the function of the lungs


With the position of the body on the chair, the lungs fully expand. You would be breathing deeply and this kind of breathing will help the lungs function even more and oxygenate the blood that is distributed to the other parts of the body.


A zero gravity chair can be used at home or in the office and can be controlled using a remote controller. Although this kind of chair is not as cheap as a regular chair, the benefits it gives to the health and wellness makes it worth investing in. There are different companies that manufacture this kind of chair in a variety of styles and designs. You can read a great zero gravity chair review here to know more about the functions of the chair. You would also be able to read details on various brands.

Avoid Customer Service Frustrations With 2Shay

Customer service either leaves a bad taste in the mouth of consumers or helps them through one of their lousiest days. Unfortunately, more than half of consumers can empathize with the first one since, let’s face it, customer service usually sucks. It’s hard to pinpoint why that is so since the hiring percentage for customer service specialists or representatives are always high. That means there is no shortage of customer service reps to handle consumer concerns. This fact leads to the million dollar question – why are consumers still feel frustrated over the general concept of “customer service”?

There could be a variety of reasons, and below are some of these:

  • Long hold time

As much as possible, customer service representatives are trained to assist customers with their concerns in less than one minute, two at the most. That’s to avoid queuing or having a long line of customers waiting for their chance to speak to a rep. Nevertheless, some reps still put customers on hold when they need to verify information. This can be frustrating because the reps are wasting a precious commodity – the customers’ time.

  • IVR nightmare

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit is a nightmare for many consumers. Imagine dialing the customer service hotline only to be answered by a robotic voice that prompts you to press a gazillion choices before you could actually speak to a living, breathing representative. IVRs are annoying and downright frustrating, especially when time runs out on a customer and he has to go through the entire process again…and again.

  • Endless call transfers

So someone, an actual person, finally picks up the phone after a customer spent a considerable amount of time dealing with the IVR. However, the one who picked up informs you that he’ll have to route your call to another agent, and he does so without waiting for your response. Overall, you end up being bounced off from one agent to another with the dreary, “We cannot do anything about it. Sorry” spiel. Talk about frustrating.

  • Insufficient information

After punching through several choices on the IVR menu, an agent answers your call, verifies your information, and proceeds to “assist” you. You throw your inquiries at him because that’s actually why you called in the first place – to inquire, resolve an issue, etc. However, at the end of the call, nothing is resolved since the agent doesn’t have enough information to answer your queries.

  • Rude representatives

Yes, a customer service representative’s job can be challenging and demanding. However, reps are being paid handsomely to manage the concerns of customers, so they’re actually not in a position to treat customers with annoyance. After all, the customer is always right. Unfortunately, some reps don’t hold back from showing rudeness to customers.

Fortunately, there are entities that make life easier for customers. How? Well, if you check out http://ca.2shay.co/ you’ll see that it’s a community meant to make things easier for consumers. There, you can find customer care numbers and customer support information, file complaints, suggest improvements, and others of some of the major companies in Canada. It’s like a one-stop shop for consumers so they wouldn’t have to go through the harrowing experience that often leads to customer service frustration. Try it out and see how 2Shay can help you.

How to Choose the Best Travel Mug

Traveling can be fun, especially if the essential traveling accessories are within your reach. One of these is a traveling mug. If you still don’t have it then it is about time to buy one. And get the best deal by following the shopping guide below:

  • Leak proof sealed mugs are the best.

Often times, you fear of drinking from mugs while on the road since it could dribble or spill. However, you can expect that this won’t happen if you chose mugs with the right locking lid. This one won’t spill even when the mug is turned upside down completely.

  • The less handling needed; the better.

Remember that you might need to use the mug while driving. This means you can’t use both of your hands since one hand must stay on the wheel. A mug built with a lid that will allow you to sip without the need to unscrew its cover will be the most preferable type. This means you can drink from the mug with only one hand needed.

  • Buy a mug with heat (cold) retention feature

It can be nice to have something hot (or cold) to drink at some point of the day. And though you can’t keep your drink hot or cold the whole time, a good travel mug can keep a coffee steaming hot for several hours. Just choose mugs with double wall stainless steel so it can hold heat longer.

  • Durability is important.

Mugs are small items and in your busy days, you can easily knock on them while they sit on the counter.  You can also be oblivious sometimes and leave it sitting on your car’s roof while driving away with it. But durable mugs are resistant to a few bangs. And after a few blow, they can still seal your drink inside effectively.

  • Right size

It can be very frustrating to finally find the right mug for you only to find out that it won’t fit into your car’s cup holder. The right size must be the one that won’t cause it to rattle or tip over. A mug that will fit snugly to its holder will do. To know if you have the right size, you have to check the size of the mug’s base and compare it with the car’s cup holder.  They must have similar sizes. Make sure that the mug doesn’t have a handle that gets in the way as well. Try the mug by holding it to your face. Once the lid is opened, it must not cause obstruction the view of the road while you are driving.

  • Easy to clean

One of the reasons why many opt for disposable cups is the fact that they can skip the cleaning part. Hence, it pays to have a mug that can be cleaned in a breeze. You just simply place them on a dishwasher’s rack or hand wash their easy to disassemble lids.

For more buying guides on traveling mugs, just visit Mug Zen. This site has all the information that you need when it comes to mugs.

A Personal Handheld Massager

Basically, a personal handheld massager is a legitimate tool that you can use for health purposes but it can be easily bought out even from novelty stores. This particular device is considered to be a blessing for those people who frequently experience spasms on their muscles as well as knots that cannot be easily addressed by simple gestures, such as hand stimulation. Every time a person would suffer from neck pain or backaches because of muscles, they would immediately need a personal massager. They do not have to go to a massage salon or spa because such pain happens more often, especially if it is caused by work. The existence of handheld massagers is the most feasible solution or remedy to such pain. Learn more about it through the internet.

The credit for the creation of handheld massagers can be given to innovations in technologies and health in general. The personal hand-held massagers existing nowadays are very effective and are not made for commercial reasons alone. The so-called oscillation massage technology is said to offer a hundred percent of its vibration technology to give you the message that you need, and not solely on the pressure of the hands. What makes it better than anything else is the fact that it is highly portable. A handheld massager is highly discreet and compact, and nobody will even notice you are bringing a handheld massager unless you put or use it out in public. This is one of the main reasons why people would love to have one of these massagers.

Some of the most popular handheld massagers have the very good quality that it can provide soothing and oscillating vibrations that are effective in helping relax those strained muscles and ease the tensions. It is just so amazing how these portable massagers can make you feel really good. Generally, having such personal handheld massager will allow saving lots of time and energy. It allows you to get a massage in the comfort of your home and at your own time, whatever activities you are doing. However, at some point, there are some who might need to consult their physicians before its usage.

If you are thinking of having those handheld massagers, there are lots of choices to choose from. What you need to do is make sure that you have the right one for you and your health needs. Reading on some reviews and feedback about some of the highly recommended handheld massagers can be of great help. You might want to start with www.massagechairland.com/best-handheld-massager-reviews-guide/ when looking for one.

Some of the best handheld massagers are from known manufacturers, such as the Percussion Action Massager from HoMedics, which is known for its weight and pivoting heads that are capable of rendering the pressure that you need and preserve. A handheld therapeutic massager from Zyllion is also highly regarded because of its capacity to provide relief to deep pain. It has heating feature and varieties of heads. For more details on some of the best personal handheld massagers existing, browse through the internet.


The Pros and Cons of Using Water Softeners

Water softening systems are products that are responsible for removing or lessening the amount of hard minerals or ions in water. They are capable of softening water with the help of different process. One is that sodium or potassium is used to replace the hard ions. They may also use certain techniques wherein the chemical structures of the hard ions are changed into a non-harmful form.


The question is, “Why do people need to install a water softener in order to soften their water source?”

The main reason why water is being treated with water softening systems is to prevent the formation of limescales. They are yellowish or whitish compounds that are usually seen in appliances that use water, like coffee makers, dishwashers, and heaters. The danger with limescales is that they can immediately destroy appliances when they are not removed or cleaned regularly. With such in regard, with the use of soft water, such appliances will last longer. Limescales are also capable of accumulating in the pipelines, faucets, shower lines, and sinks. Thus, they always tend to clog and require regular maintenance. Obviously, with the use of soft water, such will be prevented.


Water that has not been treated with water softening systems also allows soap to accumulate in clothes, plates, glasses, and other utensils. That is because of the fact that hard water is not capable of dissolving soap properly. When water-softener-treated water is used, the water will bind with the soap particles. Thus, they are completely removed from the things being washed with it. With such in regard, glassware look cleaner and clearer; clothes look and feel softer. In addition, hard water is also believed to cause the clogging of skin pores, as well as destroy the natural structure of hair making it brittle and dull. As it has been claimed, treated water is a healthier option for the skin and hair. That is because soft water allows the skin and scalp to moisturize in a natural manner.

Taking the above-mentioned concepts in consideration, water treated with water softeners can make appliances last longer. It will also lessen the plumbing system maintenance needs of homeowners. Likewise, it will also make skin and hair healthy. In addition, users also no longer have to use too much soap and detergent because they will lather easily with the use of soft water. Thus, people will save a great amount of money with the help of water softeners.


On the contrary, as similar to any other products being sold in different industries, the usage of water softening systems also has a drawback or disadvantage. Basically, water softeners require a space in the home. It is usually located near the main water inlet. Also, water softeners will cause an increase in water consumption by approximately 10%. That is because during the treatment process, the “unwanted” water is being discarded as a form of waste. Nevertheless, people who want to install water softeners in their homes should carefully choose the brand that they are going to buy. They can do such by looking for excellent info from reviews and testimonials.

Ancestry DNA Testing Companies to Consider

Most people in this world have the passion and desire to determine their origins. Meaning, they want to know their relatives far beyond their great, great grandparents. Likewise, they are also into knowing their ethnicity percentages. Such curiosity has led to the development of the ancestry DNA analysis or testing. As more people become interested, the popularity of the test has started over powering the popularity of paternity DNA testing. In fact, as evidence, more and more companies are now starting to offer such services. Generally speaking, most of such companies sell sterile test kits that contain items that will be used for sample collection. Such will then be sent to the DNA testing company for analysis and evaluation. Such convenience has been one of the reasons why the test is availed by many people.


Nevertheless, people should carefully scrutinize the ancestry DNA testing company that they are going to choose. One of the best ways to find such is to check the reviews at DNAjar.com. The thing is that DNAjar.com covers all the top choices for ancestry, pet, and health-related DNA testing companies. When it comes to ancestry DNA, the website highly recommends Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). It is a company that has a large database of surnames and DNA profiles. Thus, the clients will be able to trace their farthest and nearest relatives or ancestral lineages. They are also able to determine their ethnicity mixture percentages. In addition, what reviewers love about the company is that it’s website is very easy to navigate. What is better is that the company provides three different types of DNA analysis or testing. Likewise, the company also stores samples and results for 25 years.

Another company that has a large database wherein the clients’ results can be matched is AncestryDNA. What makes it stand out amongst the other ancestral DNA testing companies is that the accuracy of the results cannot be questioned. That is due to the fact that it uses high-end technological methods, specifically the microarray-based autosomal DNA testing procedure. In addition, the company also gives the clients the option to either have the sample destroyed and deleted or stored. Another company that is highly recognized is the Geno 2.0 Next Generation, an integral part of the Geno 2.0 Next Generation Project. It offers the two types of test. One is the mitochondrial DNA test or mtDNA, which determines the genes related to the person’s maternal lineage. Second is the Y-DNA test, wherein the paternal lineages or markers are detected.


The standout feature of the above-mentioned company is that people will be able to determine the migration history of their blood relatives. It is also able to give clients the information about their genome relations to people from more than 12 regions. Additionally, clients are given the freedom to upload their results on the website. Such will help them connect with their possible relatives. On another note, the common advantage of choosing the three companies mentioned is the security and privacy of the client’s information and result.

Airport Regulations for Checked and Carry-on Bags

Airline companies allow you to bring in carry-on luggage into the cabin. Airport authorities apply different rules and limits to carry-on and check-in luggage, though. Whether you’re planning an overnight business trip or an extended vacation, you need to ensure your bags clear security checks before you leave. Mind the dimension and content specifications for luggage to prevent delays at the airport. The restrictions also vary between territories, and airport security can tighten these during heightened alerts. You may not suffer penalties if you go over the limits, but you’ll have to let go of everything that doesn’t meet the airport and airline company’s standards. Guarantee a safe, hassle-free trip and pack your bags according to air travel regulations.


You’re usually allowed to bring in a carry-on and a personal item into the plane. The carry-on limits depend on your airline’s prescriptions, though. Generally, a carry-on has to be small enough to fit under your seat or into the overhead compartment. The rule is implemented for your own safety and convenience. The small area in the cabin must be free from clutters which can be the dangling straps of the luggage or compartments. Your carry-on luggage should snugly fit inside the overhead compartment.


You may opt to use a roomy laptop bag where you can stash all the things you’ll need during the flight like your wallet, passport, travel documents, other gadgets, chargers, travel adaptors, and more. There are rolling laptop bags available these days, so you might want to check those out to see if they meet the weight limit imposed by airlines for carry-on luggage. Visit http://laptopbagzone.com/best-rolling-laptop-bags/ to read reviews on some of the best rolling laptop bags. The reviews will give you an idea as to the weight of the bags, how roomy they are, and if they would feet airline and airport policies.


Most airlines also set the luggage’s maximum weight. These range between 10-40 lbs, depending on the size of the craft and the airline company’s security policies. You can bring in a laptop bag, a purse, or a toddler kit as a personal item, but it has to portable enough so it doesn’t compromise your comforts. Check the airport’s rules on allowable items. Put liquids in 3-ounce bottles and pack these in a common clear Ziploc bag for easier inspection. Bottled water is only allowed if you purchase it at the secure boarding area. Liquids items (and lotions or creams) should be stuffed into check-in luggage if these exceed the volume limits.


You’ll have more leeway with check-in luggage, but you have to ensure it meets the maximum weight and dimension limits. Dimensions are usually set at 62 linear inches (length-width-depth), with a maximum allowable weight of 50 lbs. Some airlines accommodate your first check-in luggage for free, while others charge modest rates. Keep everything packed into one bag if you want to avoid the hefty costs of extra check-in luggage, though. Your carry-on luggage should only contain essential items; stash everything else into your checked bag. Place fragile items and valuables in hard cases before you pack these.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Massage Chair

The modern lifestyle of the working class can best be described as sitting in front of a computer for hours a time. The daily grind for corporate employees, comfortable as it may seem, is actually one of the biggest health risks of the modern society. Sitting comes next after lying down with regards to being the most comfortable position. However, numerous studies indicate that sitting for long periods of time is actually detrimental to a person’s health. Especially as one loses track of posture as the day passes. Even those who have amazing postures eventually succumb to slouching when quitting time draws near.

Coincidentally, and ironically, one of the best ways to deal with the problems that come bundled with sitting all day is, well, sitting. But not the usual sitting position where one’s torso has to stay upright. Rather in a reclined position. And on a comfortable massage chair. It’s really not surprising why massage chairs have become more and more popular. People are feeling the negative effects of sitting down. And subsequently found out that the solution is to get in a massage chair and relax. Buying a massage chair for the home is a great idea. But not all massage chairs are created equal. Here are some helpful tips to consider before getting one from the local store.

  1. Is the chair meant for relaxation or therapy for existing injury?

Some chairs are made specifically to address issues with the spine. People who have them must consider buying one that can specifically help them deal with spinal problems to get the most out of their massage chairs. On the other hand, people who have no pre-existing spinal ailments can opt to get the usual massage chair that’s made for general use.

  1. Set a budget.

It’s no secret that massage chairs require considerable investment. There’s no doubt, however, about the benefits heavily outweighing the woes from its price tag. It’s definitely a good idea to check out brands and models on the Internet to get a better understanding of the general price range. And then from that, determine a lower and upper limit for the chair to avoid under and overspending.

Massage chairs aren’t solely defined by the moving parts that do the massage. The surface of the massage chair also varies the comfort that the owner would feel. Leather, synthetic leather, plastic and fabric are few of the possible options. Check out different models over at http://www.massagechairland.com/ to get a better idea.

  1. Read reviews on the web.

The Internet is an extremely helpful tool. Years ago, sales personnel in stores can easily fib when pitching an item. With the help of reviews on the web, a buyer can be better equipped with the knowledge about what they are looking for. Reviews can point out both the negatives and positives of certain models, something that rarely happens when choosing an item from an actual store. In some cases, persons in charge of selling certain items would outright deny and downplay the downsides of the item in question. This is simply not acceptable when buying a massage chair.

Tips on How to Rejuvenate Different Skin Types

Applying makeup is a great way to boost a woman’s confidence. You’d be even more inclined to try different makeup tricks if you have an awesome makeup mirror or dresser with lights. It’ll make you feel like a celebrity as you do your makeup. You can see highly rated makeup mirrors through different websites, so you might want to start checking them out.

However, after removing loads of makeup on your face, it’s time to start restoring the natural glow of your face. The following tips can help you:

For Sensitive Skin

  • Processed foods should not be included in your regular diet. Doing this will help get rid of food allergies as well as any type of skin irritation.
  • This skin type is usually dry and irritated; hence, it’s important that you be conscious about the food items that you ingest. A fair amount of organic protein, essential fatty acids, yogurt, vegetables, and lacto-fermented fruits should be taken.

For Combination Type

Combination skin may not be easy to manage since different areas would require different care. One part may be oily, and other parts may be dry. The best trick is to apply products for oily skin on the nose and forehead and to use items for dry skin on the cheeks and around the eyes.

  • Wash your face using a mild facial cleanser or soap.
  • Use a toner for your oily skin.
  • For your T-zone, it’s best to use a light moisturizer so it won’t clog the pores.
  • After applying a moisturizer, make use of a mat-finish primer. This will help keep the T-zone shine-free.
  • For oily forehead, cheeks and nose, apply pore minimizing masks. You could also use facial scrubs for your oily skin. This will make the skin smoother and even-toned.

For Oily Skin

Don’t focus on nourishing your skin. Instead, focus on the following: eradicating excess oil, cleaning enlarged skin pores, hydrating, and treating or preventing acne.


  • Use a mild soap for washing your skin, and this should be done once a day. Excessive use of mild soap can stimulate the oil glands, which will generate more sebum. Plain water could be used if you’ll wash your face or skin several times.
  • Apply non-greasy type of moisturizers. It’s also best to tone your face with ice cubes or alcohol-free herbal tonics. This will restore the balance and smoothness of your skin.
  • If you have acne, it’s best to remove carbohydrates and sugar from your daily diet. Moreover, avoid consuming processed food items.

For Dry Skin

Dry skin is prone to irritations, flaking as well as fast aging; hence, it requires thorough care.

  • For severe dryness of skin, it’s best to get a humidifier and it should always be turned on. Take note that air conditioning makes your skin dry, and the best way to prevent this is to make the air a little bit humid.
  • Herbal infusions or mild cleansing milk products are best for your face. Remember that with proper care, your dry skin will look smooth and healthy.
  • For washing, don’t use tap water.

For Normal Skin

  • Use rose water or an astringent tonic to refresh your skin upon waking up.
  • Afterwards, apply a mild, non-greasy cream.
  • Apply a quality make-up, but you should not overdo it. Gently wash your face using a mild soap when you go to bed.
  • Apply a small amount of oil-based nourishing cream. After fifteen minutes, gently wipe your face with a napkin.
  • Use an egg yolk mask once a week. You could also apply a non-drying, natural mask to rejuvenate your facial skin.

Caring for your skin should be done using the best possible way. After determining the type of skin that you have, start applying the right tips to ensure that your skin will remain smooth and beautiful.