JACO Elite: The Right Tire Pressure Gauge for Mechanics

A tire gauge is one of the basic and essential tools for mechanics. They rely on this equipment when checking tire pressure and assure a good vehicle performance.

The function of a tire gauge is to diagnose problems with your tire. It checks whether the tire contains the correct amount of pressure. Too little pressure could damage the vehicle’s engine and break. And if it contains a high amount of pressure, the tire’s sidewalls and tread are harder than usual. It will result in poor traction and performance, as well as uneven tire wear.

JACO Special Products

When it comes to tire gauges for mechanics, one of the most reliable brands in the market is the JACO Superior Products. This manufacturer has been around for several years, creating high-quality and accurate tire gauges for professional and home-garage use. Thus, if you are searching for professional-grade tools with great value, you can find one here at JACO.

One of the JACO’s popular tire gauges for mechanics is Elite 60PSI. It has great features that are worth spending money. See a well-researched review about JACO Elite Pro below.

What to Expect from JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge

#1 Incredible Build

The construction of the JACO Elite tire pressure gauge is built to last. The tool feels solid on the hands. Moreover, it features a rugged, heavy-duty brass to provide extra durability. Also, the shock-resistant rubberized gear-style guard offers incredible protection to the gauge.

These features make the tire gauge suitable for professional use.

#2 Impressive Engineering

This digital tire gauge has a built-in air bleeder valve. This equipment allows quick bleeding of pressure in overinflated tires.

#3 Easy Access

Some tire gauges are difficult to use, but not this item from JACO.

JACO Elite tire gauge has a handy 360-degree swivel chuck that supports easy access to the tire valve. Using this feature, accessing tire valves regardless of angle is easier, and faster.

#4 User-Friendly

JACO Elite is ideal for both professionals and beginners. Additionally, it has a 2 inches glow dial feature with a 60 PSI scale. This feature makes it easy to read even in low light conditions.

#5 Accuracy

When talking about accuracy, JACO Elite displays accurate readings. It meets the ANSI standard of 1.5% accuracy. Moreover, JACO Special Products is a NIST accredited industrial facility. Hence, you can assure that JACO tire gauges show precise tire pressure readings.

#6 Affordable

For such an incredible product, the JACO Elite tire gauge is very affordable. Anyone can get it for under $20. Likewise, it is available at leading physical markets and online stores.

#7 Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee

JACO Special Products offer a free 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee when you order one of their products.

Is Worth a Try?

The JACO Elite tire pressure gauge is no doubt a good value for the money. It is functional and durable, which is ideal for any work environment.

If you want to find out additional details about this product, go to My Automotive Zone. On this source, you will see informative product reviews about the top-seller tire pressure gauges like JACO Elite. Also, see this source if you are searching for reliable alternatives.

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