How to Choose the Best Travel Mug

Traveling can be fun, especially if the essential traveling accessories are within your reach. One of these is a traveling mug. If you still don’t have it then it is about time to buy one. And get the best deal by following the shopping guide below:

  • Leak proof sealed mugs are the best.

Often times, you fear of drinking from mugs while on the road since it could dribble or spill. However, you can expect that this won’t happen if you chose mugs with the right locking lid. This one won’t spill even when the mug is turned upside down completely.

  • The less handling needed; the better.

Remember that you might need to use the mug while driving. This means you can’t use both of your hands since one hand must stay on the wheel. A mug built with a lid that will allow you to sip without the need to unscrew its cover will be the most preferable type. This means you can drink from the mug with only one hand needed.

  • Buy a mug with heat (cold) retention feature

It can be nice to have something hot (or cold) to drink at some point of the day. And though you can’t keep your drink hot or cold the whole time, a good travel mug can keep a coffee steaming hot for several hours. Just choose mugs with double wall stainless steel so it can hold heat longer.

  • Durability is important.

Mugs are small items and in your busy days, you can easily knock on them while they sit on the counter.  You can also be oblivious sometimes and leave it sitting on your car’s roof while driving away with it. But durable mugs are resistant to a few bangs. And after a few blow, they can still seal your drink inside effectively.

  • Right size

It can be very frustrating to finally find the right mug for you only to find out that it won’t fit into your car’s cup holder. The right size must be the one that won’t cause it to rattle or tip over. A mug that will fit snugly to its holder will do. To know if you have the right size, you have to check the size of the mug’s base and compare it with the car’s cup holder.  They must have similar sizes. Make sure that the mug doesn’t have a handle that gets in the way as well. Try the mug by holding it to your face. Once the lid is opened, it must not cause obstruction the view of the road while you are driving.

  • Easy to clean

One of the reasons why many opt for disposable cups is the fact that they can skip the cleaning part. Hence, it pays to have a mug that can be cleaned in a breeze. You just simply place them on a dishwasher’s rack or hand wash their easy to disassemble lids.

For more buying guides on traveling mugs, just visit Mug Zen. This site has all the information that you need when it comes to mugs.

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