How to Choose the Best DVR for CCTV Cameras

The first thing that you learn when you install a professional surveillance system is that the Digital Video Records represent its heart. The DVR is basically the most important component of the video surveillance system. While the provider will present you affordable options for DVR, these are not always the most customer friendly ones or good quality ones. What you need to do is to find a DVR that provides a good balance of useful, high quality features and an affordable price. If you have no idea how to do this, we can help you find the best DVR for CCTV camera; you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Step number one: Check the playback and resolution specs of the DVR. People are usually unaware of the fact that the recording resolution and the playback resolution are not always of the same quality. Details make the difference and you will need top quality recorded resolution in order to be able to identify, for example, a license plate or a person’s face.

Step number two: Don’t commit the mistake of paying for access to the security camera’s footage. When you invest in a security camera, you absolutely want to have access to the footage that it records from anywhere in the world, as long as you have good quality internet speed. You should be able to access this footage for free. Ask about this detail before you invest in a DVR system for a CCTV camera because there are a few players on the market who are ready to scam you and take more money from you than the costs that they originally present.

Step number three: Look at the wider picture and check out long term costs. You should not hesitate to invest in top quality video storage technology. The better the quality of the footage, the higher the need for more storage space.

Step number four: Make sure that you spend your money on a DVR system that offers top quality backup capabilities. For example, you might face a situation in which footage needs to be transferred to another device for investigation purposes; in this situation, the DVR should have a USB port to backup videos.

Step number five: A good DVR system is one that has motion detection. This is a feature that allows you to save time, as well as storage space.

Follow the above steps when it comes to checking out the features of the DVR systems that attracted your attention and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs, as well as preferences. When in a physical shop, don’t hesitate to ask all the questions that you have; there is no such thing as something too stupid to ask. After all, you are planning to invest in your safety, a system that will protect you, as well as your assets, so it is important for this system to be a top quality one. Learn to make the right choice!

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