Drawing Guide: Best Pencils of all Time

Heather Watts once said “Arts education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind, and I think that we have let way too many kids lose their way by not drawing in their young minds with music, dance, painting and the other various ways we can express those things we do not have words for.”.

To some people, sketching is almost everything. It is the painter’s unique identity and real emotional expression. Artists express their emotion through drawing. Art has shown a lot of scenery from the past, present and future idealism. In prehistoric times, painters like Van Gogh and Michael Angelo have considered unique strokes and personalized tones in their artwork in order to signify ownership and originality. Regardless of defining the real art, you can actually say that drawing is the most important skill an artist should possess. Color is just a gift of life that enables art look tangible and alive. In other words, drawing or sketching is the building figure in creating something to transform an idea into an artwork. If you’re looking for good quality mediums to fulfill your own imaginations, these are the most popular of all time. Most artists usually prefer expensive materials for drawing because it gives good aesthetic results to the artwork. In spite of everything, you must continue to exercise your skill in drawing in order to develop your talent and make commissions out of it if you like to do so.

Have you ever got curious about the varying pencil tip range in the market?

All pencils most likely look a lot similar but honestly, they are not. Good pencils have certain features that only artists usually know it in details. Pencils have different categories too. It comes with a graphite stick, water color pencil, wooden pencil, mechanical pencil, clutch or lead holder and charcoal pencil. These different pencil types also consist of different point range. Each one contains different tones and shades. If you are an artist, you’ll surely fall in love with the look of a full pencil set with complete collection of all the tip ranges and pencil types. This is just too fulfilling for artists. Needless to say, you must also consider the cost of these pencils. A good quality item does not come with cheap cost so it might usually take up a slight amount of money from you because that’s how it goes in the marketplace. If you also wish to settle for cheaper pencils, you can also look over some local brands and settle with less quality pencils. Thus, it breaks easily and can even ruin your artwork. To give just on your idealism, you must choose a good pencil to ensure that drawing will be beautifully made.

Great on Draft Designs is happy to help you select the best Pencils of all time here and that is also a great opportunity for you to nurture your skills in drawing. If you are a beginner, you can read their pencil reviews in their website and learn how to scrutinize a good pencil brand. Your art might shine brighter with the help of our pencils here so have some now!

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