Best Timing Schedule to Take Your Vitamins

In olden times when there was no concept of taking essential vitamin supplements’, people used to fulfill their needs from balanced diet. There was huge focus on diet that must contain all the essential nutrients like vitamins, carbs, fatty acids etc. to make it a balanced diet. In modern world, it has become difficult to consume all those diet essentials due to lack of time and people being busy in their busy life routine and find no time to have a balanced diet that is essence to a healthy life. This is where the role of food supplements like vitamins, carbs and iron etc. come into play. Now a days you will find a lots of vitamin supplements that you can easily purchase over the counter in form of pills essentially to meet your daily requirement of these vitamins.

You can take these vitamin supplements but they can only show their maximum effect when taken at proper time. Hence you must carefully devise a schedule for vitamin intake. In this article we will discuss the proper timing of these medicine that will help you in utilizing maximum benefits from these supplements. If you want more information you can always visit

Essential timing schedule for vitamins:

There are different types of vitamins that are soluble in different substances like water, oil or milk etc. Let us discuss proper timings of these products.

1) A general rule:

As a general rule most of these vitamins are advised by doctors to be taken in morning after taking breakfast. This time is recommended to increase absorption percentage so that vitamins are digested along with meals. It is advisable not to take supplements with empty stomach since they can cause side effects like nausea and abdominal pain in stomach.

2) Best timings for fat soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A, D, E and K are the four essential vitamins that are fat soluble. These are concentrated vitamins that body requires in small quantities as compared to water soluble vitamins. These vitamins can cause negative side effects if taken in large quantities. It is best to consume these vitamins along with fatty meals. You can take them along with fish or cod liver oil to increase absorption.

3) Best timings to take water soluble vitamins:

Vitamin C and B-complex are water soluble vitamins that can be easily digested along with water or any other solvent contain water such as milk and juices. Human body is unable to synthesize water soluble vitamins hence it is important to take them from routine diet or food supplement that are easily available over the counter. You must avoid these vitamins with empty stomach that can cause gut problems such as acute dysentery

4) Best timing for EPA, Omega 3 etc.:

These are the parental vitamins that are needed in small quantities but are essential for skin and hear growth. They are also essential for pregnancy and pregnant women must take these vitamins for better child health. These are normally taken after meals and can be both fat and water soluble.

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