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Top 3 Desk Reviews on

The Walker Edison Soreno

The Edison desk is an L-shaped desk that is versatile and made of black glass. Its design makes it possible for you have ample space as you enjoy your favorite game.

Prominent features

  • It comes with a steel frame that is sturdy with a powdered finish.
  • It is amazingly lightweight
  • It boasts of a separate tray hence you won’t compete for space with your CPU and keyboard.
  • Comes with an amazing modern look that is sleek and safe.

Why Buy?

This desk from solves your number one problem; space. The L-shaped design makes it suitable to place in a corner or alternatively you can simply put the two tables together by taking out the corner piece.

The CPU stand is the number one seller. Laying your CPU on the floor not only reduces its performance but also makes it harder for you to move it.

Cons should improve the keyboard tray as it is too small to hold both the board and the mouse.

The tables lacks cut outs and holes that make it possible for you to manage your wires.

Conclusion killed it with this one. The black glass enhances your gaming experience.

The Altra Stanley Deluxe Parsons Desk

The Stanley Deluxe is a beautiful Black Oak desk that seduces your eyes.


  • Its laminated hollow core makes this desk extremely light weight
  • The desktop is spacious for your gaming experience

Why Buy?

This versatile desk makes it the perfect desk for your contemporary house. In simple terms it adds the classy touch needed to make you feel good about your house.

Its design makes it possible for you to have greater storage especially on the cubic sections.

For tall people like me this is a big plus as you have plenty of leg space.


The fact that the desk lacks a dedicated stand for your CPU is irritating. You are forced to put the CPU on the floor


The desk is not architecturally challenging. The hollow spaces forces you to invest in boxes to be used for storage purposes.

The Cinnamon Cherry Saunder Beginnings

This is what considers a master piece. It is the perfect desk for small spaces, work or even study. The colour is also fantastic.


  • It has a fantastic cinnamon cherry finish
  • Comes with an inbuilt space for you to place your CPU
  • Offers privacy by incorporating a hidden space for confidential files

Why Buy?

This is the best choice when it comes to small spaces especially when you will be sharing it with your furniture.


Only a 25 inch screen monitor can fit on the desk.