Hiking Ideas: Tips and Tricks for an Easy and Fast Backpacking

Backpacking for a vacation or hiking can be a challenging task; there are a lot of things to bring but there is less room to fill it with. So, to make it easy for you, below are some tips and tricks for easy and fast backpacking ideas:

  • Take what is light

Check your list and see which of the hiking materials are light-weighted and replace them with multipurpose tools or any similar tools but are light-weight. For instance, instead of bringing a stove, replace them with a minimalist alcohol stove.

  • Set the cooking pot aside

Bringing the traditional cooking pot can add to your burden, so instead of bringing them, why not use those mugs that are made of titanium. Using an alcohol stove, you will be able to boil water or cook or heat one-person food. However, if you are hiking with a company it would be best to assign who will bring what.

  • Choosing the right tent

Are you hiking by yourself? Or will you be sharing your tent with someone? How many are they? These questions will help you identify which tent you will be using. For instance, if you are with someone, why not choose a tent that can be occupied according to your numbers? Or you may suggest bringing each tent or sleeping bags to lessen the burden of carrying the weight of the equipment that you are using.

  • Use hand carry water container

Instead of carrying bottles of water in your bag, choose something that you can carry with you or something that can be strapped to your legs or around your arms. Carrying a big water container inside your bag can add a significant weight to the things that you are carrying.

  • Never bring duplicates

Extras are not a big deal if you are on a vacation tour, however, bringing them during while hiking is a different story. If possible you need to bring one pair of each clothes; also, you need to bring something that you can use while hiking.

  • Use some light bags that will give an extra space inside your bag

Buy some of those cheap Ziploc bags to put all your needed toiletries. Also, bring the toiletries that are really useful during hiking; for instance, mouthwash, feminine pads (for girls) toilet paper or wet wipes, and insect repellant.

  • Always bring a first aid kit

When hiking, you should never forget to bring the basic first aid items such as pain reliever medicine, anti-diarrheal medicines, ointment for insect bites and blisters and bandage if possible and other more.

  • Always bring trash bags

If you plan on hiking, you should always put trash bags on your list. Aside from avoiding littering, there are a lot of hiking tricks that only trash bags can help you. Outdoor activities are fun and exciting, however, to avoid misfortunes, you need to plan what you really need to bring and how can you bring them without too much effort to avoid muscle strain and fatigue.