We tend to say the word busy most of the time. We tend to give our friends that answer when they ask us how we are doing, like busy is an emotion and not a word. There are times we use it as an excuse to delay certain tasks that we find unpleasant. However, you’re never too busy for a mere 10 minutes, which is all it will take to improve yourself just a tad bit every day. You can do yoga and meditate to release stress, track your not-so-healthy spending habits and even learn a new language. There are limitless possibilities. It is important to make for the more important things in life, such as continuous development of your mental, emotional and mental well-being. Below are some ways on which you can improve yourself in as little as 10 minutes or even less.

Take a Guilt-Free Nap
If the afternoon tends to drag you, skip the coffee and simply have at least a 10 minute guilt-free nap and you can dramatically improve your alertness, accuracy and clarity.

Take a Selfie for Yourself and Not to Share on Social Media
Take a simple selfie without filters or hashtags which you can appreciate and enjoy the stuffs that make you different from others and makes you uniquely you. After taking a selfie, write down at least three things that you like about yourself, place them on your mirror to boost your self-confidence when you’re down or struggling with a negative self-image.

Get Moving
It can be overwhelming to commit to a daily workout routing in a gym. It can be that it does not fit your schedule or there are other more important things you need to prioritize. What you can do instead is to try and download well-known workout apps and you can exercise while at home watching TV.

Do Some Yoga
Yoga can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It will also help to improve your overall well-being. A study also shows that 20 per cent of individuals who do yoga are more likely to have a positive self-image.

Keep Track of What You’re Spending
It can feel a little guilty when you look at your bank account after a long weekend getaway with friends. Most of the times we tend to promise ourselves that we will save more and spend less on frivolous things. It can be a bit overwhelming to start tracking our everyday purchases to try to stay accountable. What you can do is to begin by tracking three of the major areas and focus on those.

Take the Time to Learn from Others
You can read a financial blog post a day from individuals who have gone through huge mistakes on money similar to what you are going through right now. You can ask for advice from those individuals from investing to insurance.

It is smart to have a budget and it is necessary to stay accountable. But make sure not to get too caught up in tracking your finances that you don’t indulge and live a little. Take a bit of a break from budgeting and splurge on little things like your favourite dessert or snack. Find a place that is not crowded and simply enjoy and cherish the moment of indulging yourself.


Choose Diet Soda and Eat Fruits When Craving for Sweets

For most people, it can be really hard to cut down on calories as well as measure portion size and to end up realizing just how many calories they are really eating. Nonetheless, drinks high on sugar and sweets like candies and chocolates are one of the aspects that contributes at least one fourth to one third or many people’s daily calorie intake. You can easily cut down 80 to 1,600 calories or may be even more if you give up on these temptations; depending on how many of these you consume every day.

A 100g bar of chocolate contains around 500 calories, while a bottle of a 2 litre of soda has about 800 calories. In comparison, diet sodas have close to zero or zero calories and a medium sized banana has only 100 calories. Eat fruits instead of a bar of chocolates if you’re craving for something sweet to eat or have some handful of nuts.

Give Some Time to Meditate and Stretch When Stressed of Feeling Fatigued

It is important to do some static stretches after every workout, whether it be running or weightlifting. However, stretching can also be used whenever you’re feeling a little agitated. Doing 10 to 15 minutes of stretching not only aid in alleviating muscle soreness and joint pains, but it will also help in relaxing your mind. Basically, your mind will be occupied with doing the stretches and forget about your stress and worries for the meantime.

Make sure to end these stretches with another 10 minutes of breathing slowly in a position where you are comfortable. Try to clear your mind and start focusing on counting with each breath. Once you reach ten, start over from one. Stress management is essential to keep your mind and body in great health and will keep you from emotional eating.

Walk a Total of 1 to 2 Hours a Day

This is the simplest and easiest hobby to acquire and is really great for both your weight loss and heart. It may not burn that much calories compared to running, or circuit training, but it is much easier and you will be less likely to skip a bout and will not mind doing it for an hour or two at a time.

You can do this by parking a bit further away from your home, using the stairs more often, and going shopping with your friends or taking your dog out for a walk. You can also do some chores around the house for such as doing at least 30 to 60 minutes of vacuuming or dusting and washing dishes. These simple tasks can help you burn calories that can make a difference to your body.

Watch TV and Do Some Cardio

If you can, invest in an exercise machine and place it in your living room. You can get a quick round of cardio while you are watching your favourite TV show or listening to an audio book.


Learn To Face Your Fears More

Everyone has their fears, some are reasonable some are not. In order to grow and get as much out of your life as you can, you need to face your fears more. It is a fact that plenty of fears are only a product of one’s imagination and that they don’t really exist. Doing things that intimidates and scares you will subside and will become easier once you realized this. One of the most rewarding feelings you can have you will get from facing your fears upfront.


Avoid Making Things Bigger Than They Actually Are

Our minds can really work against us and through our mind sets, we develop and fears can take over. Most of the time, we tend to make problems bigger than they actually are. It’s a matter of putting things in perspective. We often think of things as a big deal even when it is not because our minds like to focus and blow things up like worries and problems that are not actually problems.

If this happens, ask yourself first if in reality, you will be thinking about it tomorrow or next week or somewhere down the line. Most often than not, your answer will be no, so avoid all the unwanted worries your putting yourself through.


Be Present In The Here And Now

Most of us tend to forget to live and experience the present moment because we’re putting too much time and effort relieving the past or planning the future. The present moment is what is happening to us right now and this is where happiness exists. The pas is over and the future has not come yet, so what we have is the present moment.

Our minds can run a hundred miles an hour and this means we are seldom just being in the here and now. Try to stop and look around you to see what is happening at the moment. Be mindful of the moment you are in or just be simply aware of your breathing. Once you’ve done this, your mind will start to open up and see things in a more appreciative way.

Don’t Rule Your Life By What You Think You Should Or Shouldn’t Do

 Expectations from our family or society can tend to make us think there are certain things that we should do. We all have this minor should and shouldn’ts that are going through our thoughts. The only way to live a happy life is to live it the way you want it to and not on what others dictates you to do. It is your life, so stop restricting yourself just because of what other people are expecting from you.

Stop Assuming What Other People Are Thinking

 Most of the time, we tend to make big assumptions on what others are thinking, whether they are judging you for something or thinking negatively about an opinion you said. Keep in mind that the world does not evolve around you. Each and everyone around you are dealing with their own problems, issues, worries as well as insecurities. Chances are, they may not even be paying as much attention to you as you may think. So stop caring or assuming what others are thinking.