The Search for Beauty

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that spans the globe. The quest to look your best is one that defies cultural expectations, language barriers and time zones. The standards of what is deemed to be beautiful might differ per country but the pursuit of what is considered to be ideal is universal. Looking your best gives you that extra sway to your hips; it gives you that confidence in your tone both of which add that extra oomph factor that makes you a more personable human being.

Cosmetics as the answer

The search for beauty is the reason why everyone willingly invests in cosmetics. Cosmetics have the power to enhance what nature has already given. It can emphasize your best features while downplaying or outright concealing your not so attractive features. Is it any wonder then that men and women alike find themselves spending hours poring over makeup counters and spending their hard earned money on moisturizers, lippies, blush pots, eyeshadow palettes and mascara tubes?

But what happens after a purchase is made? Now you have that hard to find moisturizer that promises to get rid of fine lines within 24 hours and crows feet within a week? What happens now that you have that freshly released Korean lip stain that swears to turn your lips into the most luscious looking pout? What do you do with your cult favorite make up brushes and blenders? Well, unfortunately there is an awfully good chance that after the first use these well-loved implements are most likely to disappear in a pile of cosmetics in one of your vanity drawers or in the middle of a mess of beauty products in your hand bag.

Have you ever experienced literally digging through your handbag for that one nude lipstick that you need only to come up with at least 3 different shades before finally getting the right one?

The Ellis James Train Makeup Bag

The struggle is real for the beauty lovers who invest in a lot of cosmetics but can never seem to find the exact item they need when they need it. And it is for these beauty lovers that the Ellis James train case makeup bag was created for. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag is that perfect combination of utility and luxury. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag is crafted from luxurious soft touch quilted nylon and padded for the protection of your precious make up collection. The Ellis James Train Case Make Up Bag is a study of effortless elegance with a large main compartment that can be divided into four mini compartments if you so desire. This train case is also built with function in mind with its wipe clean interior for maximum cleanliness, water resistant fabric, and compact and portable design. This bag is perfect for your daily beauty essentials. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag was created with the busy beauty go getter in mind. Just like you, the Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag will always look beautiful and elegant without sacrificing function and durability.

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