The Pros and Cons of Using Water Softeners

Water softening systems are products that are responsible for removing or lessening the amount of hard minerals or ions in water. They are capable of softening water with the help of different process. One is that sodium or potassium is used to replace the hard ions. They may also use certain techniques wherein the chemical structures of the hard ions are changed into a non-harmful form.


The question is, “Why do people need to install a water softener in order to soften their water source?”

The main reason why water is being treated with water softening systems is to prevent the formation of limescales. They are yellowish or whitish compounds that are usually seen in appliances that use water, like coffee makers, dishwashers, and heaters. The danger with limescales is that they can immediately destroy appliances when they are not removed or cleaned regularly. With such in regard, with the use of soft water, such appliances will last longer. Limescales are also capable of accumulating in the pipelines, faucets, shower lines, and sinks. Thus, they always tend to clog and require regular maintenance. Obviously, with the use of soft water, such will be prevented.


Water that has not been treated with water softening systems also allows soap to accumulate in clothes, plates, glasses, and other utensils. That is because of the fact that hard water is not capable of dissolving soap properly. When water-softener-treated water is used, the water will bind with the soap particles. Thus, they are completely removed from the things being washed with it. With such in regard, glassware look cleaner and clearer; clothes look and feel softer. In addition, hard water is also believed to cause the clogging of skin pores, as well as destroy the natural structure of hair making it brittle and dull. As it has been claimed, treated water is a healthier option for the skin and hair. That is because soft water allows the skin and scalp to moisturize in a natural manner.

Taking the above-mentioned concepts in consideration, water treated with water softeners can make appliances last longer. It will also lessen the plumbing system maintenance needs of homeowners. Likewise, it will also make skin and hair healthy. In addition, users also no longer have to use too much soap and detergent because they will lather easily with the use of soft water. Thus, people will save a great amount of money with the help of water softeners.


On the contrary, as similar to any other products being sold in different industries, the usage of water softening systems also has a drawback or disadvantage. Basically, water softeners require a space in the home. It is usually located near the main water inlet. Also, water softeners will cause an increase in water consumption by approximately 10%. That is because during the treatment process, the “unwanted” water is being discarded as a form of waste. Nevertheless, people who want to install water softeners in their homes should carefully choose the brand that they are going to buy. They can do such by looking for excellent info from reviews and testimonials.

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