Incredible Auto-IQ System Blenders of 2017 From the Creations of Ninja Brand

Auto-iQ system is one of the most advanced blender technology nowadays. This feature allows you to select and control blender settings that suit your food preparing process. Furthermore, this system offers convenience in making healthy drinks, soup, and other foods. Ninja Blenders is the best-selling brand of this device in the market right now. This manufacturer is popular for their auto-iQ blenders.


Here are two of its blender models with this unique feature that is worth checking out.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender


Are you looking for a blender that can do all the tough crushing job? Then, what you need is the Ninja Mega Kitchen blender. This product from Ninja Blenders is a popular option for individuals who want an all-around feature in their blenders. This one can perform every difficult task which your regular food processor can do. It can crush ice, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and mix it perfectly. The reason behind Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender is its 1500-watt motor power which is amazingly high for this kind of kitchen device. Moreover, this appliance has a 2-HP motor which makes it possible for this product to prepare all types of food blend. Aside from this product’s motor power, Ninja Mega Kitchen features Auto-iQ technology. It means that this device could not only create shakes and smoothies but also it can prepare dough, crush and pulse. In addition, this blender has powerful blades that can break the ice and make a healthy smoothie easy and quick. If you want to enjoy your healthy drink with friends, this blender is a nice choice since it has a large pitcher capacity which can hold a total of 72 ounces of food blend. The only drawback of this device is its expensive price. Still, investing in this kind of blender is worth your money.

Nutri Ninja Duo Nutrient Extraction Blender


Here is another creation of Ninja Blender that you must see for yourself. The Nutri Ninja BL680 Duo nutrient extraction blender is a must-have because of its top-notch quality, durability, and power. Parallel to Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender, this product of the same brand has a 1500 watt motor base and 2 Horsepower which are both excellent qualities of the kitchen tool. Therefore, using this blender, you can prepare lots of drinks and food recipes to a large group of foodies minus the kitchen disasters. If you always experience problems in making tasty baby foods, worry no more for Nutri Ninja Duo can do the job for you. This device can make better baby foods for your infant compared to those regular baby food processors. The high motor power and strong blades of this device can crush, chop and create dough better rather than a traditional food processor. This product of Ninja Blender is one of its creations with Auto-iQ system input. Thus, through its various settings, you can control how you want to prepare your food and have the best outcome. Ninja Blender has more help to offer for your kitchen duties. Learn more about this brand’s products on Blend It Nutrition.