Pattern Making Basics: The Tools

When a person has decided that one wants to pursue sewing as a hobby or want to make it a side business, and has searched through to find the perfect sewing machine, here is the next step.

Sewing is not just about having a sewing machine and the perfect needles as well knowing how to use the machine and sew parts together. One also needs to create a pattern. Surely, there are patterns available on the internet that you can download, and you can also find some in retail stores. However, you must understand that not everyone has the same body size.

Whether you choose to buy a pre-made pattern to follow or create your own patterns, here are some of the basics that you must have and learn.

Tool Kit Items

As a sewer or tailor, you must have a set of tools at hand so that you can make the perfect pattern. These items are very basic and can easily be found in stores and are usually used for other things. However, keep in mind that it is better that they should be exclusively used for pattern making.

  1. Pencil, Eraser, and Ruler

Pencils will help you draw the lines for the patterns and erasers would, of course, be needed for removing any errors. For the pencils, it would be best to have at least two different colors so that you can easily identify which line is intended for what item. The ruler, definitely, is to help you create straight and diagonal lines in your pattern.

  1. Tape and Stapler

You can have either or both as they are required to help you put the pattern together. The tape is also helpful in keeping the pattern in place when you already need to pin it to the fabric.

  1. Cutting Mat, Cutter, and Scissors

A cutting mat is a great item to have because it can protect the surface of your working table. As the name implies, it is an item where you put the pattern when you cut it. The cutter and the scissors are your cutting tools, of course. The cutter would be best for straight lines, using the ruler as a guide, while the scissors would be best for curves.

  1. Tape Measure

The tape measure, as similar to the ruler, would make sure that you are creating patterns with the right measurements. The only difference is that the tape measure would be beneficial when you measure curves and other uneven shapes.

  1. Tracing Wheel and Pattern Notcher

A tracing wheel is a pattern-making tool that is exclusively designed to help you trace a pre-made pattern or the actual garment so that you can create your own pattern by just tweaking its measurements. On another note, a pattern notcher is a tool that makes marking hems, dart legs, and sleeve caps tidy and correctly.

Final Words

Pattern making is a task that requires a lot of attention to detail and patience. One wrong measurement will make your pattern and sewn project look awkward. That said, as long as you have the right tools, you’ll make it through!

Is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard a Healthy Solution to Muscle Growth?

For athletes, bodybuilders, or simply for those who are keeping their body fit, it is significant to keep the body and mind healthy at all cost. You could never get back your health once it deteriorates. And, if your body survives and recovers from a chronic illness, it won’t be easy to get back into shape. Therefore, make sure that your body stays in good health and in good shape by following a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular exercises.

You might wonder that despite practicing a healthy lifestyle and working out, your body takes time to reduce fat and build muscles. Do not worry; you are not the only one who experiences such weight-reducing problems. In fact, there are several athletes and bodybuilders that are having difficulties developing muscles and managing their weight. For this reason, professionals recommend the use of whey protein for faster muscle growth.

Whey protein contains all the nine essential amino acids which the body needs for fast development. It also promotes overall wellness while reducing the risk of heart complications, hypertension, and obesity to name a few. If your goal is to build muscles and lose fat within sixty days, use whey protein supplement.

One of the famous names of whey protein supplement in the market nowadays is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard. The whey from Gold Standard is guaranteed 100 percent pure and has no added ingredients that may consequence medical complications and allergic reactions.

But the real question is can Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard help you boost muscle growth and enhance physical performance? Here is what you must know.

Contains Natural Ingredients

Gold Standard whey protein supplement contains amino acids that are responsible for regenerating and regrowth of muscles. The amino acids present in this supplement are glutamine, glutamic acid, leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This supplement is also a great source of dietary fiber. However, this supplement may not set well for strict vegans. Whey protein comes from milk which is a dairy product. Thus, if you have lactose intolerance or allergies towards dairy products, consider first your decision of using this supplement.

Upragdes Muscle Mass

This supplement promotes protein muscle synthesis. This means that Gold Standard whey protein replaces the protein you lost while working out. Taking this supplement supports in rebuilding damaged muscle tissues and repairs breakage due to extreme physical activities. If your goal is to get toned and increase lean muscle mass, this supplement is a wonderful option.

Cost-Effective Weight Management Solution

If you are having difficulty controlling your weight, this supplement is the best solution to your problem. The Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey protein can help you lose one or two pounds of weight per week, especially when partnered with a healthy diet and exercises. Thus, you can expect to lose 4 to 5 pounds within a month with the use of this product.

Is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey protein a health supplement? It definitely is.

Do you have more questions about this supplement? If you do, get more info via this site.

Things to Consider When Buying a Handheld Steamer

For someone who constantly goes out and meets people for business or casual occasions, it is important to wear crisp and well-ironed clothes. Someone who is out on a daily basis would find ironing a challenge and a burden because of the amount of clothes that needs to be ironed. Thanks to today’s technology, there is an alternative and a solution to the problem.

A lot of people are now buying their own handheld steamer. This works like magic in leaving clothes crisp and well-ironed. Now, if you are thinking of purchasing your own, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. There are a lot of brands in the market but you could always go for those that are considered some of the best portable steamers by reading reviews.

Always check the temperature dial for different types of fabric.

It is convenient to go for one that has a visible temperature dial. This will keep you in check when in use. Also, it should be easy to understand. A dial should be able to give you the meaning for each level in just a simple glance. This gives you the flexibility to use it in different garments for your daily use.

Take note of its safety features.

If you are a busy person or if you have kids around the house, it would be good to go for one that has safety features to avoid burns and injury. Go for an auto-off feature, this will keep it from overheating or you can go for an anti-drip technology that will ensure a leak-free steaming experience.

Consider the water tank size of the steamer.

It is a given. The larger the water tanks, the longer you can use it without the hassle of frequent refilling. This is ideal for those who are steaming by bulk. If you are someone who barely uses it, you can go for one that has a smaller water tank. This is usually portable and easy to carry.

Get one that is suited for your need and storage.

If you are someone who travels a lot, it is important to take note of the steamer’s portability. Get one that is lightweight, small and compact. Assembly also comes in handy for easy storage. Or for some steamers, it can be wheeled and towed like luggage. Get one that is going to be comfortable to use.

Features that will give you your money’s worth.

Set a budget and get one with all the features you need. There will be tons of options to choose from and they will vary in sizes, shapes and functionality. This can delay or take a lot of your time. So set a budget and check out the models that fall within. You will be surprised to see all the good items you would find.

These are just some of the things that you should look for when purchasing your very own handheld steamer. Check out all the brands available online and get one today.

Beginner’s Guide: Ways to Choose the Right Bluetooth Helmet

Are you having a hard time looking for the right Bluetooth helmet?

With several brands and styles sold in the market today, choosing one can be very confusing. But, that is not a problem, this post got it all covered for you. However, before choosing the right one, it is time to understand how Bluetooth helmet works.

What is a Bluetooth helmet?

Since the invention of Bluetooth, connecting from one device to the other becomes easy. In the case of a motorcycle helmet, the purpose of the Bluetooth installed is to enable one rider to communicate with other riders or the passenger; thanks to the integrated system and the added microphone and pair of audio speakers, communication becomes possible.

Also, Bluetooth helmet works with mobile phone and GPS, making rider’s life easy.

So, how should you choose the right Bluetooth helmet?

Since there are quite numbers of Bluetooth helmet sold in the market today, here are some factors to consider when choosing the right Bluetooth helmet:

1. It should work efficiently according to the manufacturer’s detailed range

Since Bluetooth helmet works as an intercom with other riders, you should find something that allows you to communicate with another rider even at 100 meters to 500-meters range, without or experiencing less statics.

2. The quality of sound

One of the top things you need to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth helmet is the quality sound. Since riding and communicating with anyone can be very challenging, you should purchase a Bluetooth helmet that allows you to hear the person you are talking through an intercom.

3. It should be durable

Most Bluetooth helmets are expensive, if you want to pay for one, it should be durable enough to be worthy of the amount you are willing to pay. Plus, helmets should be durable to keep your head from fatal injury in case of a motorcycle accident.

4. It should cover two – five-year warranty

Devices can experience faulty wires or glitches even before you were able to enjoy it for five months or so; thus, make sure to purchase a Bluetooth helmet that will cover you for another two or five years’ worth of warranty.

5. Read reliable reviews

If you want to purchase the right Bluetooth helmet, you should look for one with positive reviews and customer ratings; these motorcycle helmet ratings have been used by several riders as an effective factor when choosing one. Also, before you choose a brand or style, make sure to do a small background check of the Bluetooth helmet you have in mind.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth helmet is not just your ordinary motorcycle helmet it is a plethora of benefits where it can:

  •    Help you save yourself from fatal head injury in case of motorcycle accidents
  •    It enables you to communicate with other riders and your passenger efficiently without the need to shout while riding the motorcycle.
  •    Also, it helps you take a phone call without the need to pull out your phone while riding.
  •    Lastly, it also helps you with GPS.

So, what are you waiting for? Using the above-mentioned consideration when purchasing a Bluetooth helmet, choosing one will never be that difficult.

You Want It? Has It is your number one stop shop for all the classy desks that you might require. Due to years of experience we will be able to offer your computer desk advice for all your desk needs. At you will find plenty of gaming desks that best suits your needs.

Top 3 Desk Reviews on

The Walker Edison Soreno

The Edison desk is an L-shaped desk that is versatile and made of black glass. Its design makes it possible for you have ample space as you enjoy your favorite game.

Prominent features

  • It comes with a steel frame that is sturdy with a powdered finish.
  • It is amazingly lightweight
  • It boasts of a separate tray hence you won’t compete for space with your CPU and keyboard.
  • Comes with an amazing modern look that is sleek and safe.

Why Buy?

This desk from solves your number one problem; space. The L-shaped design makes it suitable to place in a corner or alternatively you can simply put the two tables together by taking out the corner piece.

The CPU stand is the number one seller. Laying your CPU on the floor not only reduces its performance but also makes it harder for you to move it.

Cons should improve the keyboard tray as it is too small to hold both the board and the mouse.

The tables lacks cut outs and holes that make it possible for you to manage your wires.

Conclusion killed it with this one. The black glass enhances your gaming experience.

The Altra Stanley Deluxe Parsons Desk

The Stanley Deluxe is a beautiful Black Oak desk that seduces your eyes.


  • Its laminated hollow core makes this desk extremely light weight
  • The desktop is spacious for your gaming experience

Why Buy?

This versatile desk makes it the perfect desk for your contemporary house. In simple terms it adds the classy touch needed to make you feel good about your house.

Its design makes it possible for you to have greater storage especially on the cubic sections.

For tall people like me this is a big plus as you have plenty of leg space.


The fact that the desk lacks a dedicated stand for your CPU is irritating. You are forced to put the CPU on the floor


The desk is not architecturally challenging. The hollow spaces forces you to invest in boxes to be used for storage purposes.

The Cinnamon Cherry Saunder Beginnings

This is what considers a master piece. It is the perfect desk for small spaces, work or even study. The colour is also fantastic.


  • It has a fantastic cinnamon cherry finish
  • Comes with an inbuilt space for you to place your CPU
  • Offers privacy by incorporating a hidden space for confidential files

Why Buy?

This is the best choice when it comes to small spaces especially when you will be sharing it with your furniture.


Only a 25 inch screen monitor can fit on the desk.

A Beginner’s Guide in Choosing the Best 7.1 Home Theater System

After a long at work, the first thing the people what to do is to relax and try to relieve their stress. While there are a lot of ways to relieve stress and relax at home, there are also people whose stress reliever is through listening to music or spending quality time with their family or friends watching a movie comfortable in their homes.

There are people who settle with an average audio quality, but it’s entirely a different game when we talk about audio experience to music and movie enthusiast. These type of people would really want to immerse their selves in the moment of listening to a music or when they are watching a movie feeling all the goosebumps, the entire emotion. They are often are particular to details and audio quality where they are recommended to invest in a high quality device or a 7.1 home theater system. In this article, it will be discussed what are the factors a buyer needs to consider when choosing the best 7.1 home theater system device.

Use of the Speaker

Investing in a 7.1 home theater system can be a little expensive that is why before buying one, people should first identity the use of the speaker they are investing to not regret it in the future. There a lot of questions to ask like what kind of listener are you? If you are a passive listener who pays little attention to details, then you might have to skip the entire article, but if you want a full music or cinematic experience then a 7.1 home theater system is definitely the right one for you.

Speaker Design and Room Space

A sound are vibrations that travels in the air, that is why choosing the best 7.1 home theater system also includes considering its design according the type of room or space where a buyer wants to have set up the system. There are speaker designs which are compacted if one has a small space. For the room space, 7.1 home theater systems can mean more speakers, thus it is space consuming. It is best to make sure that one has a room or enough space or the system.

Quality and Performance

Before investing in a speaker, it is recommended to do a little research first, especially for first time buyers. When it comes to quality and performance, the best way in choosing the best 7.1 home theater system is through comparing its specs since it has different characteristics specifically the receiver, amplifier, and the speaker’s sensitivity.

Testing a 7.1 home theater system in the store can be an entire experience when the system is already inside one’s home. That is why there are a lot of factors one needs to take into consideration when choosing the best 7.1 home theater system and because it can be costly; but nevertheless, if the system is not abused in any way and the buyer lives away from the coast, rest assured that although pricey, the system will live for decades.

A Tool To Make Your Life As Dog Owner Easier

Do you have a crazy dog that has a lot of energy and that makes you crazy most of the time but you love it to the moon and back? Do you enjoy taking the dog with you everywhere you go, even though you already know that this will cause you a lot of problems? Well, it is time for all your problems to stop and it is time for you to make your life as a dog owner easier and more comfortable: buy a wireless dog fence. Do you know how the wireless dog fence works and how it can help you? Do you understand what the benefits of this tool are? If you don’t know much about wireless dog fences and how they work, we are more than happy to share all the details we have with you. Check out the article below and you will receive useful information and answers to all your questions.

If you don’t really understand how the wireless dog fence works, you should know that it uses electricity. The fence is basically made of three components: a transmitter, the collar that the dog will have to wear and the boundary wire. The boundary wire can be visible but it can also be put under the ground, so you don’t see it. A wireless dog fence is basically the fence with the boundary wire that can be put underground; in this way, you will not see it. What is great for such a fence is the fact that a lot of dog owners use it at home, especially when they have a beautiful landscape and they don’t want the view to be affected by anything. Whether you plan to use the wireless dog fence at home or wherever you take the dog with you, one thing is clear: this tool has a lot of benefits and it will represent an excellent investment. Here are its biggest benefits:

  • Portability
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great price rate.

Do you understand why it is such a good idea to turn your attention to wireless dog fences? We recommend you to read about what wireless fences are rated the best and to purchase one out of the many good options available. There are a few products on the market that don’t deserve your attention or your money, so learn how to make the difference between a good investment and a bad investment. Learn to compare the products, as you’ll see that there is a wide selection available on the market. Find a great wireless dog fence that best suits the needs of your breed and your own preferences, make sure that it is the perfect purchase and make the investment; I know that the fence will prove to be very helpful and very efficient and I also know that it will make your life easier. Numerous pet owners already use a wireless dog fence and they are happy with it, so follow their example.

How To Make It To The Music Market

The music market is, without a doubt, an environment with fierce competition. There are so many people who have the right skills and the talent to become artists that you really need a lot of creativity and a lot of determination as well if you want to make it. If you are more than ready to fight and to make it to the music market, we are ready to help make the path a bit easier. For example, we think that it would be useful to learn more about how to access quality rap beats. Since you are still at the beginning of the road, I know for sure that you don’t have all the necessary tools to produce your own instrumentals so the only option available at the moment is to buy R&B instrumentals and beats from dedicated producers. There are producers on the market who do just that: create beats to sell them. However, keep in mind that the risk of being tricked into a poor purchase is quite high. If you don’t check out some tips and tricks on how to make a wise investment, you might end up wasting your money. So, the conclusion is that even though the music market is a harsh environment with fierce competition, you can still make it; you just have to learn how to be smart about it and the tips and tricks below will surely help you.

  • When it comes to buying beats online, it is important to make the difference between license and exclusive license. If you think that a simple license purchase offers you ownership of the beat, you are wrong; the producer will still be the owner and can continue to sell the beat. However, an exclusive beat license cannot be sold to someone else anymore. The problem with the exclusive beat license is that it is going to be expensive.
  • Make sure that you have a partnership with a trustworthy website. There are multiple ways in which you can make sure of the fact that the website is a trustworthy one. For example, if it has third party trust symbols on any of the top corners from PayPal or BBB certifications, you can trust it. Checking out the testimonials of former customers is also going to be very useful; the experience that other people have already had with certain websites is going to help you learn a lot about the website you are about to visit. If their experience has been a negative are, chances are that yours will be the same.
  • Always check out the samples before you make a purchase. The name of a beat might sound as if it is exactly what you are looking for but what if it is not? You can avoid wasting your money on a beat that simply isn’t what you are looking for by listening to the sample, so do that! It will be more useful than you can imagine when it comes to saving money.

Five Off-Limits Job Interview Questions that Employer Commonly Ask

Due to the unsteady employee qualifications and high competition, getting your ideal job seems impossible these days. In fact, according to the annual statistics, the number of unemployed in the State of California keeps on rising due to lack of skills or education that is required for the available job.  For this reason, if a person sees an opportunity, he or she grabs it immediately as long has it can give a regular source of income.

However, almost half of the job seekers fail to successfully land a job. Sadly, one of the reasons why some people could not pass the interview is because of the discrimination and the interviewee’s hesitation to provide personal information. Employers already know that asking personal questions are off-limits. However, they still keep on asking such derogatory inquiries since they always get away with it. Those inappropriate questions remain unlawful and have corresponding penalties.

Therefore, do not let your employers discriminate nor force you to divulge personal information. Do it by being conscious of their questions and report it immediately if your employers asked the following off-limits job interview questions.

#1 Offending Questions about Gender, Race and Religion

Personal questions such as gender, race, and religion are prohibited during job interviews; which in some case, these types of topics might open arguments and opposing opinions resulting in discrimination.  If your employer asks you about your race, the religion you believe as well as gender and uses it to eliminate you from the job hiring process, report it immediately to a labor attorney.

#2 Questions Regarding Personal Relationship 

Do you know that questions about your marital status are inappropriate during  an interview? Yes, there are jobs that require specific civil status which is why some employers ask the interviewees such questions. However, once the interviewer starts to cross the line regarding your personal relationship or civil status, consider reporting this violation of your privacy.

#3 When Employer Asks about Previous Work 

Information about your previous work including the salary you received from that former position is deemed private. Questions that force you to release such information though are not prohibited by the law, yet the State of California advised against it, since it may open discrimination under the Fair Policy Act.

#4 Background checks on Employees 

A company is allowed to do a background check on their employees as long as it is relevant to the job.  Also, employers have the right to ask pre-employment inquiries if the questions are related to the job in question. However, background checks that violate your personal privacy are illegal in the State of California.

#5 Questions concerning Credit Scores 

If your employer asking for personal information and insists on releasing your credit score or forces you to provide it, you have to report the incident. An employer is not allowed to check their employees or job seeker’s credit score. They only have the right to see the “credit report” of a person which is different from the credit score.  This is shown on the Fair Credit Reporting Act which is the national standard for credit report protocols.   Are you experiencing discrimination from your employees?

If  you  do,  go to Walker  Law,  the most  reliable firm of  labor  attorney  in  San  Diego,  California

A Beautiful Garden On A Budget

Have you just purchased a beautiful house, one that you have always dreamt of, a house that has a nice spaced garden but the garden looks as if deserted? Are you a bit disappointed with how the garden looks like but you cannot afford to invest money in professional services? Even though you have a small budget, you can still obtain a full makeover for your garden; what is even better about this is the fact that the garden can look as if a professional company has taken care of it. How is this possible? How can you obtain a full makeover on a budget? It is simple: you turn the garden makeover into a DIY project on a budget. All you’ll have to do is to purchase some materials and some tools to make your work easier and that’s it.

For example, if you need to cut down some old trees in order to obtain some extra space and to avoid horrible accidents in which the trees can fall and hurt someone, then you’ll need a chainsaw. Access and check out some professional, detailed reviews for some of the best chainsaws on the market. Thanks to these reviews, you will make sure that your investment is wise and that you make the most out of your money. When it comes to materials, you can go natural and quite cheap and if you want the garden to have a professional look, then stick to the same types of materials all over the garden. The paths should be made of the same materials and there should be a theme found all over the garden; these are small details that will make the difference and that will help you obtain a pulled-together look.

As long as you have the right tools and turn your attention to small details, such as the ones of using the same materials and reusing a theme all over the garden, the outcome is going to be great. You should also consider using a combination of perennial and annual plants, for color and longevity and consider to clearly delimitate the edges of the flower beds for a clean look; these are all details that will help you obtain exactly what you want. You won’t even recognize the garden once all the projects are completed; it will look as new and it will look as if a professional company has works on it. I know that it won’t be easy and I know that you will have moments when you will feel overwhelmed. However, I also know that if you are determined and passionate about this DIY project, your garden will be so beautiful that it will complement the house. You can do it, so put a bit of determination and passion in it and you’ll be pleased with the outcome. A lot of people have worked on their gardens by themselves and they are pleased with how they look like; you can be one of these people.