Guide in Matching Dress Shoes with Different Suit Colors

If you are planning to buy different colors of suits, you might also want to consider that you would need different dress shoe styles and colors to match them. Some suit colors might give you a hard time but there are some that allow an obvious choice.

To perfectly match your suit with your shoes, you can check out the guide below. It will help you determine what color and style of shoes you will need for different suit colors.

Patterned Suit

If you will be wearing a patterned suit, it means that it will contain different colors. As a result, there will be no hard rules to follow in matching it with your shoes. The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a patterned suit is the shoe style choice.

Since the patterns in your suit already look intense and busy, you might want to settle with informal and minimalistic shoes. You can wear either formal Oxfords or luxury shoes.

Navy Blue Suit

No matter what you do, you can never go wrong in pairing a navy blue suit to any dress shoe color. You can try, but you will less likely fail. However, the perfect pair to a navy blue suit is brown shoes. Light tan to darker brown can be used with a navy blue suit, but the latter is better.

If you have a wide collection of dress shoes, now is the perfect time to put that burgundy shoes to use and flaunt it for other people to see. Some offices tend to pair navy blue with black shoes. If you want to try this, make sure that you choose black shoes with traditional styles to pull it off.

It is even possible to pair white sneakers with a navy blue suit, but make sure to get rid of a tie and wear a button-down shirt and white tshirt instead.

Light Blue Suit

Like the navy blue suit, a light blue suit also has versatility which means that you can easily pair any color of shoes with it. However, it is still best to go with brown colors. Unlink navy blue where you are ought to pair it with darker shades of brown, with light blue, you should go with lighter shades of brown.

It is recommended that you use tan-colored shoes because it can perfectly contrast your look and make you look fresh.

Pastel Suit

Wearing a pastel-colored suit can give you the opportunity to wear some additional color to your feet. It means that you can never go wrong with white sneakers or brown shoes. Just like wearing a light blue suit, you can also go with dark brown or tan, but the latter is better in contrast your outfit.

Moreover, if it does not clash with the shade of your suit, you can try blue shoes. It can surely give you some Elvis vibes.

In conclusion, you can wear sneakers with suits but that would depend on the ocassion. Never wear sneakers when you are going on a business meeting or a job interview. The perfect fit is also important so make sure to check this article to help you decide on the perfect shoe size for your feet.

Is Bamboo the Best Hygienic Material for a Cutting Board?

A cutting board is one of the basic and necessary kitchen utensils. Without a functional cutting board, food preparation is difficult. Likewise, chopping food in wrong surfaces can damage the knives.

It is why you need a good cutting board. It is extremely useful in the kitchen. At the same time, they look stylish to boot.

It is wrong to think that all cutting boards are the same despite their differences in material. If you never experienced using other chopping boards compared to what you have right now, then here is the truth. Some cutting boards might look great, but in reality, they’re not. For example, a glass cutting board appears fancy. However, using such a surface for food preparation will harm the knives. The same goes for ceramic chopping boards.

Furthermore, not all chopping boards are hygienic. According to studies, some cutting board materials support bacterial growth. The types of bacteria commonly found on food and kitchen utensils, especially Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E.coli. Consuming food contaminated with these bacteria can lead to health risks like food poisoning, diarrhea, and other foodborne illnesses.

What’s the Best Cutting Board Material? 

One way to avoid cross-contamination and food poisoning is by using the best hygienic chopping board material. Now, you are probably wondering which chopping board material is best. Are you ready to know it?

Why Choosing Bamboo as a Cutting Board? 

Recently, bamboo cutting boards have become a more popular option compared to plastic ones. Also, some individuals who have been using wooden cutting boards have switched to bamboo.

Bamboo offers many advantages. Aside from being environmentally friendly material, it has a lot more to give.

#1 Renewable Source

Bamboo is a type of grass. Compared to hardwood trees like maple and oak, it only takes three to six years to grow bamboo. Hardwood trees take 30 to 150 years before it becomes fully matured. Furthermore, bamboos are organically grown. They are also economically friendly, which is a huge plus.

#2 Superb Hygiene Quality

A bamboo cutting board is lesser prone to bacterial contamination. It is because this material contains antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it stops bacteria and viruses from growing and spreading.

#3 Durable

Although it is a grass, bamboo is tougher than most wood. It is extremely durable and can last for several years.

Likewise, the surface of a bamboo cutting board is soft. The knife glides easily through it and the scratches heal fast. Hence, this material is good for keeping your knife blades sharp.

#4 Low Maintenance

If you have a wooden cutting board at home, you know how tough it is to preserve the material’s lifespan. Bamboo cutting boards, on the other hand, are low-maintenance. It resists water, which is the reason bamboos don’t easily crack when submerged in water or exposed to moisture.

#5 Budget-Friendly

Bamboo cutting boards are way cheaper compared to wooden cutting boards like walnut, cherry, maple, and red oak. Moreover, it is available at local stores, and even through online sources.

Do you want to learn more about bamboo cutting boards? Find out additional information regarding this kitchen utensil here at the Kitchen Hacker Shop.

A Closer Inspection of the Oster Pro 1200 Advanced Features

When the subject is about powerful professional blenders, the name Oster always come to mind. Oster is a reputable blender manufacturer, who has been around in the industry for more than seventy years. Since then, this company is continuously producing high-performing blenders perfect for personal and professional use.

Over the years, Oster produced several models of professional blenders. And one of its most popular models the company has engineered is Oster Pro 1200.

Many buyers kept on saying that Oster Pro 1200 is a worthy investment. The company used high-grade materials in manufacturing the product to ensure durability and long lifespan.

Moreover, people who bought this version are complementing the blender’s impressive motor power of 1200W. Also, the seven different speed settings offer many food preparation opportunities. With this blender, you can do all sorts of recipes from smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes, purees, baby food, salsa, sauces, soup, and many more.

The Oster Pro 1200 comes with a wide-base 6 cup jar. And, it also comes with a single-serving 24oz cup. Hence, you can prepare several batches of drinks using the larger tank, or whip up a single-serve of smoothie for your pleasure.

The above features are the ones you’ll commonly read from customer feedback and online review sources. If you want to get into deeper details about the info mentioned before, go here:

What’s the Duralast All-Metal Drive of Oster Pro 1200?

Have you read product reviews or check the technical details of Oster Pro 1200?

If yes, you probably encountered the term Duralast All-Metal Drive in most of them. This technology is fused in all of Osters professional blenders, particularly in the recent models of this manufacturer.

So, what is this new system from Oster?

The Duralast All-Metal Drive is a system made by Oster. This technology assures legendary quality and performance in every of Oster. Based on the company’s test, blenders with this system can blend up to 10,000 smoothies without damaging the engine. The powerful motor of the blender helps in blending tough ingredients without using water.

In a nutshell, the purpose of this technology is to guarantee that all ingredients, including hard foods, are thoroughly blended with ease. You can use this blender to mix soft food and prepare even thick mixtures like cookie dough.

Moreover, the 10-year warranty that comes with Duralast All-Metal Drive technology is sure a good catch.

Is it a Good Buy?

The Oster Pro 1200 is no doubt a good buy for the money. The powerful motor, selectable speed, smart settings, preset programs, and robust blade are all defining features of a quality blender.

Although Oster Pro 1200 has many advantages, there is also one glitch to this product. The blender has flimsy plastic parts. But overall, the blender is a promising kitchen tool.

Are you interested to get one of these blenders?

Before buying any blender, whether it is from Oster or not, you have to make sure to check out details about the product. Go to reliable online sources like the Prime Shop Kitchen. This website posts honest reviews of the top-selling brands of kitchen appliances. Likewise, they posts guidelines and tips on how to look for the best kitchen tools in the market.

Child Friendly Toilet Seat

Having children entails great responsibility. Providing their needs and ensuring their safety as well as their own well-being is the main priority of every parent out there. Investing on home furniture or basically child friendly items at home is the best way to ensure your children’s security.

Potty training is one the early teaching that could develop independent characteristic of a child. Most of the time parents buy another toilet seat in addition to the ones at their home to accommodate potty training, but this can be a hassle; especially to limited comfort room area as it could take up space. To cater this dilemma, several companies and manufacturers have developed toilet seat for potty training.

The site has enumerated these toilet seats with child seat attached. Here are some of their featured toilet seats that are great for potty training.

1. Elongated Toilet with Child Seat

One useful product is an elongated toilet seat with child seat attached to it. It has built-in child seat that is being attached with the use of chrome hinges and security bumpers under the seat; this is to prevent pinching of skin which may cause discomfort. It is constructed from hand sanded wood that is stained in a high gloss coating; ensuring that the materials used in the production and construction of the item is of high quality. This product comes with three (3) year warranty. The site also includes resource link(s) to where you could purchase the specified product.

2. Round Princess Toilet Seat

Another option for parents is the round princess toilet seat with child seat attached. Who said potty training could be boring? The princess theme could perhaps remedy the blues to all the young girls you have. It is made of timber and also finished in high gloss white paint. It also has three (3) year warranty. To ensure safety, the potty seat is easily attached to the cover. The chrome joints have a slow close feature to prevent any sudden close accident prone in early potty training stage.

3. Delta LED Toilet Seat

The Delta LED toilet seat with child seat is another fun option to add in your comfort rooms at home. The best feature of this product is it has built-in LED light that acts as safety evening light. The connected seat for potty training is removable so parents could always clean it. This product have slow close as well to avoid finger pinching. If you are looking for a child friendly toilet seat that could accommodate not just day but also night of potty training this could be the best option.

4. Slow Closing Toilet Seat

Another item is slow closing toilet seat with child seat built in. This is made of detachable plastic seat for your children but the cover is made of molded timber. The potty seat is firmly fit into the cover with magnets and it has bumpers to prevent any possible finger pinching incident.

5. Toddler Potty Training Toilet Seat

Lastly, we have the toddler potty training toilet seat. It could add fun in your comfort room with its heart design cover. It has easy open potty seat mechanism and it is also made from long-lasting plastic. It also has a sluggish close function to ensure safety. The Toddler Potty Training Toilet Seat is also proud of its overlapping cover style as it meant to reduce the presence of airborne germs in your bathroom.

Having the right toilet seat for your little children will give them the comfort that they need. Visit if you have more things that needed to be clarified.

The Search for Beauty

The beauty industry is a billion dollar industry that spans the globe. The quest to look your best is one that defies cultural expectations, language barriers and time zones. The standards of what is deemed to be beautiful might differ per country but the pursuit of what is considered to be ideal is universal. Looking your best gives you that extra sway to your hips; it gives you that confidence in your tone both of which add that extra oomph factor that makes you a more personable human being.

Cosmetics as the answer

The search for beauty is the reason why everyone willingly invests in cosmetics. Cosmetics have the power to enhance what nature has already given. It can emphasize your best features while downplaying or outright concealing your not so attractive features. Is it any wonder then that men and women alike find themselves spending hours poring over makeup counters and spending their hard earned money on moisturizers, lippies, blush pots, eyeshadow palettes and mascara tubes?

But what happens after a purchase is made? Now you have that hard to find moisturizer that promises to get rid of fine lines within 24 hours and crows feet within a week? What happens now that you have that freshly released Korean lip stain that swears to turn your lips into the most luscious looking pout? What do you do with your cult favorite make up brushes and blenders? Well, unfortunately there is an awfully good chance that after the first use these well-loved implements are most likely to disappear in a pile of cosmetics in one of your vanity drawers or in the middle of a mess of beauty products in your hand bag.

Have you ever experienced literally digging through your handbag for that one nude lipstick that you need only to come up with at least 3 different shades before finally getting the right one?

The Ellis James Train Makeup Bag

The struggle is real for the beauty lovers who invest in a lot of cosmetics but can never seem to find the exact item they need when they need it. And it is for these beauty lovers that the Ellis James train case makeup bag was created for. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag is that perfect combination of utility and luxury. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag is crafted from luxurious soft touch quilted nylon and padded for the protection of your precious make up collection. The Ellis James Train Case Make Up Bag is a study of effortless elegance with a large main compartment that can be divided into four mini compartments if you so desire. This train case is also built with function in mind with its wipe clean interior for maximum cleanliness, water resistant fabric, and compact and portable design. This bag is perfect for your daily beauty essentials. The Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag was created with the busy beauty go getter in mind. Just like you, the Ellis James Train Case Makeup Bag will always look beautiful and elegant without sacrificing function and durability.

Having your own train case makeup bag will give you the convenience that you are looking for. For more detailed information regarding train case makeup bag, visit

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Muscles

You’ve spent time in the gym, sweat, and a lot of hard work to bulk up. But despite your best efforts, the results aren’t showing, or it is too minimal from what you expect it to be.

Entering the gym is the first step towards achieving your fitness goal. But it doesn’t end right there. All the things you do during and every after workout sessions have a huge impact on your body.

Beginners usually make countless errors when it comes to muscle building. Thus, if it is your first time to undergo strength training, there are a lot of things you need to know. Here are the top five common mistakes beginners make that you have to avoid.

Error#1 Skipping the Basics in Muscle Building

Plenty of beginners believe that turning their home into a personal gym is enough. And consulting a professional is not necessary when there are online tutorials available.

It is a huge mistake to skip the basics of muscle building. Know that not all individuals respond well to some physical trainings. The success of the program depends on the individual’s body type and the correct combination of exercises and meal plans.

You can’t simply walk in the gym and start picking up weights. Take note that excessive training and poor nutrition can damage your muscles and lead to injuries.

If you want to start seeing muscle growth in a matter of weeks, better consult an expert near you or ask reliable sources like the My Green Health Shop.

Error#2 Starvation

Your body needs energy and sufficient nutrient to keep on working strenuous physical activities. Hence, starving yourself is not the best way to build muscles. It will only slow down the process of muscle development.

Your meal must consist of high-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and minerals.

Error#3 Lack of Rest

Give yourself enough rest to recuperate from tough strength training. Professionals only recommend doing weight exercises for two to three times per week without focusing on the same muscle group for two consecutive days. Therefore, you have to divide the exercise period evenly between each muscle region.

The rest period is when the muscles rebuild and repair tissues. Working out non-stop will only slow down the muscle development process.

Error#4 Sticking on Unhealthy Vices

Excessive smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages will put your hard work into waste. Smoking prevents the muscles from getting the oxygen that is essential for energy. Meanwhile, too much alcoholic drinks will interfere with hormones production responsible for muscle growth. It lowers the testosterone levels that are crucial for increasing muscle mass.

Error#5 Taking in Lots of Sugar

Eating too much sugar like cakes, candies, and drinking soda will spike up your blood sugar. As a result, you would no longer eat nutrient-dense foods that are significant for muscle building.

Consequently, avoid food with artificial sweeteners, additives, and lots of sugar. Focus on whole foods and water. Also, use protein powders and low-sugar sports drinks.

Final Thoughts

You have to avoid the above mistakes and follow the advice of professionals to guarantee success. If you have questions about muscle building, go to My Green Health Shop. This source can provide all the information you need to know about bulking up.

The Muscle at Work

Muscle is one of the most important parts of a human body. It brings all the bones together and makes them function. It wraps them in between so that they can be protected and be sturdier; the muscles cannot rest altogether. The muscles in the heart, diaphragm and intestines work continually as being directed by the brain. No wonder that even you sleep all night you will feel eventually hungry in the morning. Muscles together with the bones and all its ligaments help the body’s mobility. Even with the effortless winking is controlled by the muscle.

The Tired Muscles

It is amazing how the muscles manage to recover after the rigorous exercise or through the physical strain. For you to know on how long it takes for the muscle to heal, you might want to read this article. The muscle works much like a rubber band that it maximized its limit when it is being stretch. Muscle exertion during at work can heal itself naturally provided that the person is in healthy condition and nourished by the nutritious food. You can read this and find out how proper nutrition aid in the muscle healing.

Work and Rest

Muscle makes the body more functional as you do activities that fuel your passion. It can make a dancer perform an outstanding performance, a runner beat the seconds to the finish line, a weightlifter to lift a ton of weight that can break a record, children lively plays in the park, a couple to hold hand and a hug for a mourning friend. Being able to move can make a person dynamically interactive with the surroundings. It is normal to enjoy each activity by acting on it. At the end of the day, the tired muscles need to recharge, and sleeping is the best avenue to renew its strength. As you read this article, you will see that the longevity and the quality of sleep can help the muscle to be able to heal from its exertions.

Muscles through the Test of Time

As muscle is being developed through time, it grew stronger and stronger especially if it undergone training that helps it develop and endure activities that strengthen it. However, aging can slow down the healing of muscle. It is important that working out with muscle should be appropriate to the age so that the intensity of the activity can be bearable. It is a cliché, but it is always true that one should start as young. The same goes with the physical fitness; as it was said earlier that with proper exercise and diet, it will make the muscle progress in a healthy way.


Muscle as one of the wonderful parts of the body, it is very vital and important to be healthy so that a person will be able to perform physical activities that makes the person dynamically interactive with his community. Some muscle works endlessly so resting like sleeping helps them to slow down and be more functional. Activities that will require you to use your muscles will sometimes result to body cramps; but it can heal, and nutritious foods can help them recover faster. A person’s age is a big factor to the muscle healing. The younger the person the more the muscle can heal faster compared to older people. Read this interesting article about the healing of muscle in

Best Timing Schedule to Take Your Vitamins

In olden times when there was no concept of taking essential vitamin supplements’, people used to fulfill their needs from balanced diet. There was huge focus on diet that must contain all the essential nutrients like vitamins, carbs, fatty acids etc. to make it a balanced diet. In modern world, it has become difficult to consume all those diet essentials due to lack of time and people being busy in their busy life routine and find no time to have a balanced diet that is essence to a healthy life. This is where the role of food supplements like vitamins, carbs and iron etc. come into play. Now a days you will find a lots of vitamin supplements that you can easily purchase over the counter in form of pills essentially to meet your daily requirement of these vitamins.

You can take these vitamin supplements but they can only show their maximum effect when taken at proper time. Hence you must carefully devise a schedule for vitamin intake. In this article we will discuss the proper timing of these medicine that will help you in utilizing maximum benefits from these supplements. If you want more information you can always visit

Essential timing schedule for vitamins:

There are different types of vitamins that are soluble in different substances like water, oil or milk etc. Let us discuss proper timings of these products.

1) A general rule:

As a general rule most of these vitamins are advised by doctors to be taken in morning after taking breakfast. This time is recommended to increase absorption percentage so that vitamins are digested along with meals. It is advisable not to take supplements with empty stomach since they can cause side effects like nausea and abdominal pain in stomach.

2) Best timings for fat soluble vitamins:

Vitamin A, D, E and K are the four essential vitamins that are fat soluble. These are concentrated vitamins that body requires in small quantities as compared to water soluble vitamins. These vitamins can cause negative side effects if taken in large quantities. It is best to consume these vitamins along with fatty meals. You can take them along with fish or cod liver oil to increase absorption.

3) Best timings to take water soluble vitamins:

Vitamin C and B-complex are water soluble vitamins that can be easily digested along with water or any other solvent contain water such as milk and juices. Human body is unable to synthesize water soluble vitamins hence it is important to take them from routine diet or food supplement that are easily available over the counter. You must avoid these vitamins with empty stomach that can cause gut problems such as acute dysentery

4) Best timing for EPA, Omega 3 etc.:

These are the parental vitamins that are needed in small quantities but are essential for skin and hear growth. They are also essential for pregnancy and pregnant women must take these vitamins for better child health. These are normally taken after meals and can be both fat and water soluble.

Drawing Guide: Best Pencils of all Time

Heather Watts once said “Arts education is a big part of building a 21st century creative mind, and I think that we have let way too many kids lose their way by not drawing in their young minds with music, dance, painting and the other various ways we can express those things we do not have words for.”.

To some people, sketching is almost everything. It is the painter’s unique identity and real emotional expression. Artists express their emotion through drawing. Art has shown a lot of scenery from the past, present and future idealism. In prehistoric times, painters like Van Gogh and Michael Angelo have considered unique strokes and personalized tones in their artwork in order to signify ownership and originality. Regardless of defining the real art, you can actually say that drawing is the most important skill an artist should possess. Color is just a gift of life that enables art look tangible and alive. In other words, drawing or sketching is the building figure in creating something to transform an idea into an artwork. If you’re looking for good quality mediums to fulfill your own imaginations, these are the most popular of all time. Most artists usually prefer expensive materials for drawing because it gives good aesthetic results to the artwork. In spite of everything, you must continue to exercise your skill in drawing in order to develop your talent and make commissions out of it if you like to do so.

Have you ever got curious about the varying pencil tip range in the market?

All pencils most likely look a lot similar but honestly, they are not. Good pencils have certain features that only artists usually know it in details. Pencils have different categories too. It comes with a graphite stick, water color pencil, wooden pencil, mechanical pencil, clutch or lead holder and charcoal pencil. These different pencil types also consist of different point range. Each one contains different tones and shades. If you are an artist, you’ll surely fall in love with the look of a full pencil set with complete collection of all the tip ranges and pencil types. This is just too fulfilling for artists. Needless to say, you must also consider the cost of these pencils. A good quality item does not come with cheap cost so it might usually take up a slight amount of money from you because that’s how it goes in the marketplace. If you also wish to settle for cheaper pencils, you can also look over some local brands and settle with less quality pencils. Thus, it breaks easily and can even ruin your artwork. To give just on your idealism, you must choose a good pencil to ensure that drawing will be beautifully made.

Great on Draft Designs is happy to help you select the best Pencils of all time here and that is also a great opportunity for you to nurture your skills in drawing. If you are a beginner, you can read their pencil reviews in their website and learn how to scrutinize a good pencil brand. Your art might shine brighter with the help of our pencils here so have some now!

Top Rated Grow Tents For Cannabis Strains

For beginners, they must be not knowledgeable enough about the grow tents in growing Cannabis strains to their garden. Well, in this article, they will find out that grow tents are an important factor to make their cannabis healthier and produce more harvest.

Why they should choose the grow tents in growing their cannabis strains? That is because using these grow tents, it can provide a controlled temperature, humidity and other important factors that will make the plant grow healthier. In this article, you will find the lists reviews of best grow tents that are perfect in growing your cannabis. Here are the examples:

iPower Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent – Not really the biggest one but is perfect for both soil cultivation and hydroponics system growing. It measures 36 x 20 inches with 5 feet in height and can support up to 110 lbs. It can handle tall cannabis strains that have two adjustable straps for carbon filter security. It has heavy-duty zippers and double stitching that can prevent the light go out as well as maintains the temperature below 72 degrees. It has also an observation window with a mesh that protects the plant from the environment. It also provides the reflective lining materials and a removable floor that is waterproof. This is an affordable type of grow tent but it offers too compact vent hole positioning.

Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent – A medium to a large type of grow tent that provides an easy installation process. It structures all metal and offers great weight capacity for accessories such as fans, lights, filter, etc. it offers Mylar reflective lining for interior and light proof for the exterior. This can also be used both for soil and hydroponics system that you can change the waterproof floor tray up to three days.  It offers decent vent hole distribution that is double sleeved to control the inside temperature. It has also an observation window that can be found on the right wall as well as it offers double-stitched seams for light and heat retention.

Gorilla Lite Line Indoor Grow Tent – If you want to have the premium features then this 4 x 4 tent is perfect for your cannabis strains. It offers “easy engage” zippers that are easy to operate compared to the other grow tents. It has a special design of 360 degrees that offers 4 tent walls, 1 in the front and the other 3 have featured the observation windows. It also offers double-stitched flaps that can prevent the dust and pests to come in.  The tent cover offers good insulation as well as prevents the light to come in.  It also offers tool pouch that can keep the tools such as thermometers, humidity controls, etc.  it also offers two pieces of 3 inches electrical ports and 6 ducting ports that are double-sleeved and perfect for ventilation setup.  This is large enough that can handle cannabis strains up to 7 feet of height and offers rigidity, weight capacity, and the stability to cater the number of light installations, fans, carbon filters, etc.

If you think that you will need to find out more lists of the best grow tents reviews, this post comparing grow tents could help you. Visit for more details.