Marvel’s Avenger: Who is the Strongest Avenger?

Marvel’s multiverse has several famous characters. And when it comes to the strongest, you can’t look past the Avengers. But who do you think is the strongest Avenger?

Several Marvel fans would agree that it is Hulk. Inarguably, he is one of the strongest members, but it is hard to conclude that he tops the list of the strongest Avenger. Why? Check this ranking and you’ll be surprised who amongst the Avengers ranks #1.

#5 Doctor Strange

Even though Dr. Strange is not very popular, there is no denying that he is one of the strongest members of the Avengers. During the End Game, Dr. Strange played an unnoticeable but crucial role. He was able to see or live the possibilities or the future 14,000,605 times, only by having one chance of winning. Tony Stark (Iron Man) took that one chance to win against Thanos; fortunately, they succeeded but that also took Iron man’s life.

Dr. Strange ranks 5th due to his abilities, including flight, astral projection, teleportation, and more.

#4: Hulk

There is no denying that Hulk’s strength tops the Marvel Universe, which increases exponentially every time his anger grows. In every battle, Hulk shows how near-indestructible he is. Plus, he can leap great distances without hurting himself.

Did you know that aside from his pure prowess, Bruce Banner is one smart guy?

#3: Thor

Thor is dubbed to be one of the strongest and powerful of the original Avengers team. First, he is worthy enough to lift Mjolnir. Second, he is God of Thunder but can harness and summon lightning. Lastly, he is immortal. These are a few reasons why Thor is one of the popular and powerful characters in MCU.

#2: Captain Marvel

Although Captain Marvel does not top the list, it has been confirmed that she is the Strongest Avenger in the Marvel Universe, even against Thanos.

She has the standard superhuman strength, unique “seventh sense” that outperforms Spiderman’s “sixth sense”, stamina, agility, durability, and immunity to almost all toxins and poisons.

How strong she is? She can dodge Thanos’ attacks and can hit him too.

#1: Scarlet Witch

Several are surprised to see Scarlet Witch as the strongest character in MCU. Wanda possesses the incredible power of the Chaos Magic. Her ability includes telekinesis and warping reality and existence. Also, she can bring destruction to the cosmos.

During Infinity War, Wanda was able to destroy the Infinity Stone while trying to hold back Thanos with the other hand. And in Endgame, she almost killed Thanos until he had all of his ship’s weapons focused on Wanda.

What’s the best part about Wanda? She’s still discovering the powers that are contained inside her. If you watch the WandaVision TV series, you’ll understand how powerful Wanda is.

Special Mention

There are more powerful characters that are hard to go unnoticed, including Vision, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Winter Soldier, and so much more.

So, who do you think is the strongest and the weakest character in Marvel Universe?

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