How to Choose the Best 18650 Flashlight? Everything you Need to Know

The 18650 lithium-ion battery-powered flashlight is one of the best flashlights to produce the brightest illumination; thus, owning one or two is worth it. However, with a myriad of options in the market today, choosing the best 18650 flashlights can be confusing. Fortunately, there are ways how.

The 18650 flashlights are now gaining a lot of popularity these days when comparing the 18650 to other types of flashlights. These flashlights are high-powered and can produce better illumination compared to other types of torches out there.
The question now is how to choose one of the top picks for the best 18650 flashlights when there are a lot of options to choose from? Fortunately, here is a list of key factors that you need to consider when choosing the best 18650 flashlights:

#1: The Lumens
Like many other LED flashlights, when buying a 18650 flashlight, you need to check the lumens of the flashlight. Lumens is the light output or often referred to as the intensity of the light. Lumens would usually range from 20 to 3500, enough to light a book to read and enough light to blind someone, respectively.
When buying a 18650 flashlight, you should check if it is built to produce enough illumination at a maximum output of 1000. However, this will also depend on your purpose of acquiring a 18650 flashlight to determine whether you need a higher or lower number of lumens.

#2: The Flashlight’s ‘Throw’
Another factor to consider is the flashlight’s ‘throw’ – how far the light beam can travel before its illumination starts to reduce. The throw or the beam distance is a valuable specification that you should not bypass when going through all the details of the 18650 flashlights you are about to purchase; the longer the throw, the better. However, you can always choose a 18650 with beam distance that meets your needs.

#3: The Run Time
Most of the 18650 flashlights have a longer run time due to the 18650 battery; however, the most crucial part when it comes to runtime is finding out how long the 18650 flashlight will last before it reduces to 10 percent of the power output. Also, you should check how long the battery can run last on each different light mode.

#4: Water-Resistant
It is always smart to choose a water-resistant 18650 flashlight in case you need to go outside during bad weather or go camping. Also, try reading some product reviews on the 18650 flashlights that you are planning to purchase and find out how long the flashlight can run when it is accidentally dropped into water.

#5: The Beam Type
Most modern flashlights have different beam types – focused, fixed, and adjustable. Focused or spot have single condensed beam that can travel to far distances. Fixed or flood is designed with single beam width, which is ideal for walking and camping. If you have the budget, it is wise to go for an adjustable 18650 flashlight where you can adjust the beam to focus or a fixed beam.

If still in doubt, you can always read reliable reviews and posts like this.

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