How much water can a water filter pitcher purify

Water filter is used to do away with impurities in tap water such as mercury, cadmium, copper, zinc, odor and taste from chlorine. Pitcher water filters which are common make use of activated granulated charcoal so as to remove the contaminants. Such filters are quite cheap compared to other types of water filters but they require more frequent replacements.

For optimum performance of your water filter each time you are using it you need to change it regularly. Users who make use of hard water, however, should do the changes more frequently compared to the others. So as to keep a good track of the amount of water you have used which determines when the changing is to be done, activate an electronic indicator which shows when changing is due or else after installation cling a calendar so as to keep a new and good track. The replacement of filter is depended on the product type and filter type. Read more about this here

When to change the filter

The time as to when the water filter should be replaced depends on some aspects. The life cycle of water filters is an estimation done by measuring water galloons. The guideline is however just an estimation done averagely and so cannot be said to be the standard measure since different households consume different amounts of water. Some of the key factors which could have an impact on your filter life include:

  • The general water condition as per the much which should be filtered and the contaminants
  • If you make use of hard water which is water containing heavy minerals as such leads to building up of the scale hence clogging the filter
  • How effectively the previous water underwent filtration or treatment
  • If the family consumes plus water from the estimated family average use

Once the filter is clogged and no replacement is done, the filter ends up becoming useless and ineffective and hence requires replacement.

Indicators that the pitcher water filter should be replaced

There are signs which should easily indicate that the filter requires immediate replacement. Some of these include:

  • If you smell some order in that water or even in a case where the water has a very unpleasant taste
  • In case of gradual water pressure decrease which is also a sign of the need for a new filter
  • There are some which come fitted with visual indication normally on filters that have clear containers and through such, you will be able to establish if there is a need to replace

Always consider checking the maximum amounts of water to use with the filter from guidelines given by the manufacturer to ensure no exceeding

Importance of changing water filter

Through replacing of the water filter, you ensure the effective functioning of that filtration system. Always ensure to have an extra filter at hand so as to conveniently make any needed replacements immediately.

Regular checks and replacements when required also enable the user to continually enjoy filtered water free from contaminants. If it’s done apart from the contaminants, the water flow becomes very low and hence very poorly functioning system.


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