Guide in Matching Dress Shoes with Different Suit Colors

If you are planning to buy different colors of suits, you might also want to consider that you would need different dress shoe styles and colors to match them. Some suit colors might give you a hard time but there are some that allow an obvious choice.

To perfectly match your suit with your shoes, you can check out the guide below. It will help you determine what color and style of shoes you will need for different suit colors.

Patterned Suit

If you will be wearing a patterned suit, it means that it will contain different colors. As a result, there will be no hard rules to follow in matching it with your shoes. The most important thing to keep in mind when wearing a patterned suit is the shoe style choice.

Since the patterns in your suit already look intense and busy, you might want to settle with informal and minimalistic shoes. You can wear either formal Oxfords or luxury shoes.

Navy Blue Suit

No matter what you do, you can never go wrong in pairing a navy blue suit to any dress shoe color. You can try, but you will less likely fail. However, the perfect pair to a navy blue suit is brown shoes. Light tan to darker brown can be used with a navy blue suit, but the latter is better.

If you have a wide collection of dress shoes, now is the perfect time to put that burgundy shoes to use and flaunt it for other people to see. Some offices tend to pair navy blue with black shoes. If you want to try this, make sure that you choose black shoes with traditional styles to pull it off.

It is even possible to pair white sneakers with a navy blue suit, but make sure to get rid of a tie and wear a button-down shirt and white tshirt instead.

Light Blue Suit

Like the navy blue suit, a light blue suit also has versatility which means that you can easily pair any color of shoes with it. However, it is still best to go with brown colors. Unlink navy blue where you are ought to pair it with darker shades of brown, with light blue, you should go with lighter shades of brown.

It is recommended that you use tan-colored shoes because it can perfectly contrast your look and make you look fresh.

Pastel Suit

Wearing a pastel-colored suit can give you the opportunity to wear some additional color to your feet. It means that you can never go wrong with white sneakers or brown shoes. Just like wearing a light blue suit, you can also go with dark brown or tan, but the latter is better in contrast your outfit.

Moreover, if it does not clash with the shade of your suit, you can try blue shoes. It can surely give you some Elvis vibes.

In conclusion, you can wear sneakers with suits but that would depend on the ocassion. Never wear sneakers when you are going on a business meeting or a job interview. The perfect fit is also important so make sure to check this article to help you decide on the perfect shoe size for your feet.

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