Foosball Basics For Recreational Players

Some call it baby foot, bar football, table soccer or table football but bottom line is that this game is easy to learn, fast and a nice game that can be played by people of all ages. All you need is to hit the ball towards the end of your opponent’s side to score a goal and earn a point. The winner is determined bt the number of points or goals that he has scored. This game is played in different places, some play it at home with their family and friends who visit, some play it in college hostels, schools bars and even in the workplace. Foosball is a famous game that is known internationally. When it is played as a sport, there are many rules that the players need to abide by or else they are penalized for a foul. The International Table Soccer Federation regulates all international, annual World Championships and World Cup events.

Here are the foosball basics for recreational players:

This game is  played on a table that is made up of eight rows of foosmen. Each player has to control over 4 rows of foosmen. The foosmen are made of wood, carbon fiber, or plastic fashioned on metal bars. Handle grips are made from plastic or rubber controls at the end of the metal bars on the foosball table. The standard foosball table size is usually 120 cm 4 ft. long and 61 cm 2 ft. wide.  As a Participant you should beware, because when playing this game, players can make the foosball speed go up to 35 mph. To start the game, the ball is served through a hole that is at the side of the foosball table. Or the foosball is placed using the hand at the center of the foosball table. Players would normally flip a coin to decided how gets to execute the kick of the foosball towards the opposing goal.

To spin the ball around the foosball table, you use the palms of your hand. In 2012, the World Cup and the  Annual World Championships permitted only two full 360-degree rotation of the foosmen. Try stopping your opponent from scoring and struggle to score the number of goals that you have set with your opponent to be declared the winner. Mostly the number of goals set to declare the winner is from 5 to eleven goals, each goal is equivalent to one point.

Foosball can be played with two people, this is called singles, or by four people, this is called doubles. When the game is a doubles with two people playing on either side, one player controls the two defensive rows and the other member of the team controls the attack rows. There can be upto three or four players on each side of the table. One rule for the more advanced players is that spinning is not allowed. For such players, they flick the ball by using their wrist.

This is such an interesting game and you can look at a solid Eastpoint foosball table review and get in the game.

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