Five Off-Limits Job Interview Questions that Employer Commonly Ask

Due to the unsteady employee qualifications and high competition, getting your ideal job seems impossible these days. In fact, according to the annual statistics, the number of unemployed in the State of California keeps on rising due to lack of skills or education that is required for the available job.  For this reason, if a person sees an opportunity, he or she grabs it immediately as long has it can give a regular source of income.

However, almost half of the job seekers fail to successfully land a job. Sadly, one of the reasons why some people could not pass the interview is because of the discrimination and the interviewee’s hesitation to provide personal information. Employers already know that asking personal questions are off-limits. However, they still keep on asking such derogatory inquiries since they always get away with it. Those inappropriate questions remain unlawful and have corresponding penalties.

Therefore, do not let your employers discriminate nor force you to divulge personal information. Do it by being conscious of their questions and report it immediately if your employers asked the following off-limits job interview questions.

#1 Offending Questions about Gender, Race and Religion

Personal questions such as gender, race, and religion are prohibited during job interviews; which in some case, these types of topics might open arguments and opposing opinions resulting in discrimination.  If your employer asks you about your race, the religion you believe as well as gender and uses it to eliminate you from the job hiring process, report it immediately to a labor attorney.

#2 Questions Regarding Personal Relationship 

Do you know that questions about your marital status are inappropriate during  an interview? Yes, there are jobs that require specific civil status which is why some employers ask the interviewees such questions. However, once the interviewer starts to cross the line regarding your personal relationship or civil status, consider reporting this violation of your privacy.

#3 When Employer Asks about Previous Work 

Information about your previous work including the salary you received from that former position is deemed private. Questions that force you to release such information though are not prohibited by the law, yet the State of California advised against it, since it may open discrimination under the Fair Policy Act.

#4 Background checks on Employees 

A company is allowed to do a background check on their employees as long as it is relevant to the job.  Also, employers have the right to ask pre-employment inquiries if the questions are related to the job in question. However, background checks that violate your personal privacy are illegal in the State of California.

#5 Questions concerning Credit Scores 

If your employer asking for personal information and insists on releasing your credit score or forces you to provide it, you have to report the incident. An employer is not allowed to check their employees or job seeker’s credit score. They only have the right to see the “credit report” of a person which is different from the credit score.  This is shown on the Fair Credit Reporting Act which is the national standard for credit report protocols.   Are you experiencing discrimination from your employees?

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