Five Essential Equipment for Violin Beginners

Learning violin covers all the essential items you’ll need to get started. Learn about the five essential music equipment that you will need to learn how to play the instrument.

Learning to play an instrument does not always begin with reading notes. While learning to read music notes is important, the real journey starts in acquiring all the essential equipment. You can start learning an instrument without having the necessary items. If you are planning to learn how to play the violin, below are the essential items you need to get.

#1 Buy a Violin

Looking for a violin to buy is trickier than you imagine. Take note that there are a wide variety of violins in the market. They differ in material, size, design, and type. Also, you need to consider the price of the item.

If you prefer the best violin, a Stradivarius is the only option. This violin has become synonymous with excellence and supreme quality. It is a creation of an Italian luthier in the early 18th century, named Antonio Stradivari. He was a master craftsman who hand-builds every instrument, making sure it has the highest quality.

A Stradivarius is by far the most expensive violin model. If you find a violin with this brand name, it does not always mean the violin is a genuine one. There are only 500 surviving strad to date. Authentic Stradivarius comes with a certification.

If a Strad is too much for your budget, you can find several violins at more affordable prices with great quality. You can find examples of it here at Ted’s List. But always ask for an authentication certificate to guarantee its authenticity.

#2 Buy a Bow

A violin and bow always come together. But if you need to get a new one, you can buy this equipment separately.

Bring your violin with you when purchasing a bow. Try it on your instrument to decide which one is best for your instrument and playing style. If you have no idea how to pick a bow, ask for assistance from the seller. You can also look for pointers at reliable online sources before going to a violin store.

#3 Get a Shoulder Rest

A violin shoulder rest makes it easier and comfortable to play the instrument, especially at long durations. Likewise, this equipment enables proper posture when playing and reduces the risk of injury.

#4 Violin Rosin

Rosin is a solid form of resin from conifers, such as pines. This sticky substance helps in creating friction between the bow hair and violin strings. It supports the bow grip the strings correctly to create sounds. Playing violin without applying rosin on the bow is tough. It is impossible to produce the right sound you want to create.

#5 Violin Case

Your violin needs proper care and attention to last long. And one way to protect your instrument is by keeping it in a violin case. It ensures the violin is protected from dust and dirt, thereby preserving its furnishing. Additionally, helps maintain its parts in the best condition. Also, it is easier to carry around the instrument in the case rather than none.

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