Features of the Best Floorstanding Speakers that You Should Look for

Are you currently planning to purchase a set of a floor-standing speaker but do not know where to start? With a myriad of options today, choosing the best can be confusing. Fortunately, this post is right for you.

One of the most popular speakers today is the floor-standing speakers because of the following chief benefits;

  • Enhanced bass response
  • More connectivity options
  • Stylishly designed

Delivers loud sound but works similarly powered as the smaller system, which is usually at 75 watts per channel.

But how do you choose the best floor-standing speakers when there are a lot of options to choose from? Fortunately, here is a list of features of the best floor-standing speakers today.

#1: Best audio quality

Depending on the model and the brand, most of the floor-standing speakers have 4 driver types; these drivers deliver a more enhanced audio output compared to standard speaker systems. Each of the drivers has a specific frequency range, but compact in one cabinet construction, you will get a large array of sound. These drivers include:

  • The tweeter driver, the smallest driver, emits high-frequency tones that range from 2,000 – 30,000 Hz.
  • Midrange drivers deliver sound frequencies ranging from 500 – 2,000 Hz.
  • The woofer driver is responsible for low-frequency tones, ranges from 40 – 1,000 Hz.
  • Subwoofer driver is responsible for magnifying deep low tones that woofers can’t reach, which is at 20 – 200 Hz, and even below human hearing.

When looking for the best floor-standing speakers, make sure that the speaker you are planning to purchase can emphasize low-ends, delivers crisp high, and delivers richer and more powerful audio.

#2: Durably designed

Most of the floor-standing speakers can get very loud. And if the cabinet is poorly made, the vibration from the high volumes will damage the cabinet. A quality-made floor-standing speaker is durably designed with its outer housing that can resist vibrations from high volumes. Also, the best floor-standing speaker is designed with non-resonant Meditate MDF; this minimizes vibrations produced by high-frequencies.

#3: High sensitivity rating

The higher the sensitivity rating, the louder the floor-standing speaker can get.

The sensitivity rating is measuring how much decibels the speaker can put at a power level (1milliwatt). When looking for the best floor-standing speaker, you should choose one with high sensitivity ratings. High sensitivity ratings on speakers like this have a huge impact on the audio production of the movie you are watching or the music you are listening to. However, there is a drawback; you have to prepare a much higher budget because most of the floor-standing speakers with high sensitivity ratings are quite expensive. Try to check the floorstanding speakers buying guide and find out well-built floor standing speakers at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best floor-standing speakers, you should consider reading reliable product and customer reviews to find out if the model or the brand is worth purchasing. Also, take time to read and understand its specifications to ensure that the speaker is compatible with your other home theater devices.

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