Features of Best Laser Pointers

Whenever we talk about presentations, the first thing that comes to our mind is the difficulty to pin point the data and information that is written on slides. Since you will be out of luck if you will try to use your hand to point to different aspects on the power point presentation because your body will block the ray of light coming from multi-media device.

In such situations, using a laser pointer is the only way to go since it uses high beam laser technology that does not only goes un-interrupted through the light of projector, it also points as well as highlights the text or digits that the presenter wants to focus upon.

Key Features of a Good Laser Pointer:

People sometimes gets confused in their choice of the ultimate laser pointer that they want. Since there are a number of vendors that are providing similar laser pointers with one or two key differences. Hence you must be aware of key features that these laser pointers have to offer to arrive at a positive decision about your investment in pointers.

Here we are discussing some of the key features that good and bestselling laser pointers are providing in 2019 you should surely check them out


Mostly modern laser pointers use 2000 to 2500 mah li-ion batteries that are rechargeable. The more the power rating the longer the battery will last. Hence the first priority while purchasing these pointers will be the battery that these devices are comprising.

Power consumption also depends the color beam that these laser pointers are using. Some colors use higher battery than the others because of large power rating.


Size of laser pointers does not seem to be mater of worry but it is interesting fact that size of these devices also matter while purchasing because bigger pointer can have bigger battery and more functionality but at the same time it will not fit in your hands properly and can have more weight to it. Hence it is sensible to give consideration to size and weight of these laser pointers as well.


The major concern of almost 90% of buyers, while buying any product is its costs. While you have to pay to play seems to be an interesting quote, yet budget is the thing that matters to most people hence choosing most cost effective laser pointer is also a key feature while purchasing.

Pointer colors:

Laser pointers comes in a large variety of beams like red, green and blue etc. Each color has its own wavelength and frequency that makes it unique. Each beam has its own range and penetration power so it becomes essential to choose the right color while buying these devices

Trusted brands:

While purchasing any sort of product, the first priority must be given to the trusted brands because they can be your best bet while selecting quality and cost effective products. When we talk about brands that are trust worthy for laser pointers manufacturing we have many names like Kingston, Dinofire, Pisen etc. that deliver good quality products.

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