Children of Thanos: Interesting Facts about Marvel’s Black Order

There is an elite group under Thanos known as the Black Order. Who are they? Are they strong? Can they easily beat the Avengers?

If Nicholas Joseph “Nick” Fury, a world-renowned spy and former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., had founded the Avengers team that will protect the human race, Thanos has Black Order that will bring chaos.

What is Black Order?

The Black Order is an elite group with the most wicked, powerful, and subservient beings that Thanos founded. They are even classified as Thanos’ Children and known as the supervillains.

The Black Order has three main goals:

  1. To suppress and subdue resistance on any planet that Thanos wants to conquer.
  2. To find Thanos’ biological son, Thane.
  3. To locate the Infinity Stones.

The members of the Black Order will act as the advanced tactical team on every mission, paving the way before Thanos’ arrival. Each member is unique, but everyone can cause chaos and destruction.

Who are the members of the Black Order?

Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive is considered the leader of the Black Order. He is always draped in black robes and has pale skin and sharp teeth. He is a competent melee fighter, using a unique glaive. His weapon, the glaive, can slice through the atom and give him immortality. He is cruel, arrogant, and sadist.

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight, the sole female member of the Black Order, is the cruelest but the most measured and diplomatic member of the team. She has blue skin, has a human-like appearance, and always wears a goofy pronged helmet.

Proxima uses a powerful artifact, a spear. Forged by Thanos, the spear contains the energy of an exploding star. Additionally, Proxima and her husband, Corvus Glaive, are considered powerful combat teams.

Cull Obsidian

Known as the Black Dwarf, Cull Obsidian is a rocky and thick being that resembles the Thing from the Fantastic Four. However, despite his appearance, he is calm and focused. He fights according to the warrior’s code of honor but goes berserker rage during battle. And when he did the task of invading Wakanda but got defeated, he faced it with humility and accepted the full blame before Thanos – a not-so supervillain would act. Even so, he is considered as one of the strongest supervillains of the Marvel verse.

Ebony Maw

Ebony Maw is the most mysterious and most successful member of the Black Order.

Maw is called the “telepath” of the Black Order. Although his true powers and capabilities remain a mystery, it appears that Maw can manipulate his victim through shadowy whispers and subtle coercion. Maw mentally manipulated Thane, Thanos’ biological secret Inhuman-hybrid son, in becoming his ally as he guides him to become eviler than his father Thanos.

Additional Facts

Gamora and Nebula were two of the six adopted children of Thanos both were also trained for combat, making them as deadly weapons. However, it wasn’t clear if the two were part of the Black Order. On the contrary, if you’ll consider the missions that Gamora and Nebula had accomplished or failed, you may regard it as they were part of the team until they parted ways against Thanos.

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