Child Friendly Toilet Seat

Having children entails great responsibility. Providing their needs and ensuring their safety as well as their own well-being is the main priority of every parent out there. Investing on home furniture or basically child friendly items at home is the best way to ensure your children’s security.

Potty training is one the early teaching that could develop independent characteristic of a child. Most of the time parents buy another toilet seat in addition to the ones at their home to accommodate potty training, but this can be a hassle; especially to limited comfort room area as it could take up space. To cater this dilemma, several companies and manufacturers have developed toilet seat for potty training.

The site has enumerated these toilet seats with child seat attached. Here are some of their featured toilet seats that are great for potty training.

1. Elongated Toilet with Child Seat

One useful product is an elongated toilet seat with child seat attached to it. It has built-in child seat that is being attached with the use of chrome hinges and security bumpers under the seat; this is to prevent pinching of skin which may cause discomfort. It is constructed from hand sanded wood that is stained in a high gloss coating; ensuring that the materials used in the production and construction of the item is of high quality. This product comes with three (3) year warranty. The site also includes resource link(s) to where you could purchase the specified product.

2. Round Princess Toilet Seat

Another option for parents is the round princess toilet seat with child seat attached. Who said potty training could be boring? The princess theme could perhaps remedy the blues to all the young girls you have. It is made of timber and also finished in high gloss white paint. It also has three (3) year warranty. To ensure safety, the potty seat is easily attached to the cover. The chrome joints have a slow close feature to prevent any sudden close accident prone in early potty training stage.

3. Delta LED Toilet Seat

The Delta LED toilet seat with child seat is another fun option to add in your comfort rooms at home. The best feature of this product is it has built-in LED light that acts as safety evening light. The connected seat for potty training is removable so parents could always clean it. This product have slow close as well to avoid finger pinching. If you are looking for a child friendly toilet seat that could accommodate not just day but also night of potty training this could be the best option.

4. Slow Closing Toilet Seat

Another item is slow closing toilet seat with child seat built in. This is made of detachable plastic seat for your children but the cover is made of molded timber. The potty seat is firmly fit into the cover with magnets and it has bumpers to prevent any possible finger pinching incident.

5. Toddler Potty Training Toilet Seat

Lastly, we have the toddler potty training toilet seat. It could add fun in your comfort room with its heart design cover. It has easy open potty seat mechanism and it is also made from long-lasting plastic. It also has a sluggish close function to ensure safety. The Toddler Potty Training Toilet Seat is also proud of its overlapping cover style as it meant to reduce the presence of airborne germs in your bathroom.

Having the right toilet seat for your little children will give them the comfort that they need. Visit if you have more things that needed to be clarified.

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