Five Essential Equipment for Violin Beginners

Learning violin covers all the essential items you’ll need to get started. Learn about the five essential music equipment that you will need to learn how to play the instrument.

Learning to play an instrument does not always begin with reading notes. While learning to read music notes is important, the real journey starts in acquiring all the essential equipment. You can start learning an instrument without having the necessary items. If you are planning to learn how to play the violin, below are the essential items you need to get.

#1 Buy a Violin

Looking for a violin to buy is trickier than you imagine. Take note that there are a wide variety of violins in the market. They differ in material, size, design, and type. Also, you need to consider the price of the item.

If you prefer the best violin, a Stradivarius is the only option. This violin has become synonymous with excellence and supreme quality. It is a creation of an Italian luthier in the early 18th century, named Antonio Stradivari. He was a master craftsman who hand-builds every instrument, making sure it has the highest quality.

A Stradivarius is by far the most expensive violin model. If you find a violin with this brand name, it does not always mean the violin is a genuine one. There are only 500 surviving strad to date. Authentic Stradivarius comes with a certification.

If a Strad is too much for your budget, you can find several violins at more affordable prices with great quality. You can find examples of it here at Ted’s List. But always ask for an authentication certificate to guarantee its authenticity.

#2 Buy a Bow

A violin and bow always come together. But if you need to get a new one, you can buy this equipment separately.

Bring your violin with you when purchasing a bow. Try it on your instrument to decide which one is best for your instrument and playing style. If you have no idea how to pick a bow, ask for assistance from the seller. You can also look for pointers at reliable online sources before going to a violin store.

#3 Get a Shoulder Rest

A violin shoulder rest makes it easier and comfortable to play the instrument, especially at long durations. Likewise, this equipment enables proper posture when playing and reduces the risk of injury.

#4 Violin Rosin

Rosin is a solid form of resin from conifers, such as pines. This sticky substance helps in creating friction between the bow hair and violin strings. It supports the bow grip the strings correctly to create sounds. Playing violin without applying rosin on the bow is tough. It is impossible to produce the right sound you want to create.

#5 Violin Case

Your violin needs proper care and attention to last long. And one way to protect your instrument is by keeping it in a violin case. It ensures the violin is protected from dust and dirt, thereby preserving its furnishing. Additionally, helps maintain its parts in the best condition. Also, it is easier to carry around the instrument in the case rather than none.

Top Reasons Why You Should Use Grammar Checker Tool

Does it feel like something is off with your written work? Try using the grammar checker tool to find out.

What is a grammar checker tool?

A grammar checker tool is a grammar software designed to find grammatical errors, including improper sentence structure, word usage, poorly placed words, unnecessary punctuations, and other esoteric grammar errors.

But do you need a grammar checker tool?

Whether you are a professional or a student, correct grammar structure is critical; it helps the reader to understand the author’s intent. Unfortunately, not everyone can easily spot grammar errors, especially those who do not give too much thought about grammar.

Good grammar is the key to effective communication, while bad grammar denotes poor communication, leading to misunderstandings.

Fortunately, there is a way to spot grammar errors, and that is by using a reliable grammar checker tool.

Check these top reasons why you should consider using a grammar checker tool:

Reason #1: Free proofread

When writing documents, articles, blogs, emails, and professional letters, correct grammar structure is critical. However, as mentioned, not everyone can spot grammar errors even after rereading their work. For this reason, you need a proofreader.

Proofreaders check and edit any written works. They do a final quality check before the written work is made available to a particular recipient or the public. They are highly meticulous with details, including punctuations, spelling, and other grammar structures. Even though hiring a proofreader is not expensive, you can save a lot of time and money when you proofread your written work yourself using a grammar checker tool.

Grammar checkers are programmed to filter out grammar errors, similarly to what proofreaders do, but you do not have to pay more to get your written work grammar-error-free. There are grammar checker tools that offer free grammar checks, like the Sentencecheckup. However, if you need an in-depth grammar check, you need to pay for premiums.

Reason #2: There are learning opportunities

Grammar checker tools aren’t only helping you to spot grammar errors, but it also provides a lot of learning opportunities. Frequent use of grammar checker tools allows you to determine the common grammar errors you make, as well as it helps you improve your grammar structure.

Reason #3: It saves up a lot of time

One of the common reasons for essay revisions is multiple grammar errors, including the following:

  • Wrong choice of word.
  • Incomplete sentences that cause incomplete thought.
  • Multiple complex and unclear sentences, which confuses several readers.
  • The written work is less engaging and has off delivery.

Using the grammar checker tool saves up a lot of time for revisions. Since the tool can easily spot grammar errors, you do not need to do multiple proofreading and revisions. All you need to do is use an accurate grammar checker tool that can also help boost your knowledge about correct grammar structure.

So, is using the grammar checker tool worth it? Yes, it is. Using the tool speeds up your written work. It saves up a lot of time and guarantees quality results.

Surround Sound System 101: What are the Different Types of Surround Sound Speakers?

Surround speakers are one of the primary components of a home theater system. Learn more details about these speakers and why their role in reproducing sounds. 

A home theater system consists of five basic speakers. These include the center channel speaker, front left and right speakers, and left and right surround speakers. The subwoofer is an additional component of a surround sound that handles very low frequencies that the main speakers can’t pick up.

While these speakers have a significant role in reproducing sounds, some tend to forget about surround speakers, especially beginners. Probably the reason is that the surround speakers act as a support of the front left and right speakers in reproducing music and effects since they reproduce similar frequencies.

Surround speakers also function as a support for front speakers; these hold an essential role. They make the sound fuller and richer. It is why you can hear the subtle sound effects while watching a movie.

Most home theater system owners don’t know that the surround speakers have different types. Each type of surround speaker produces audio differently, which vastly affects sonic quality.

The Monopole Speakers

The traditional speakers you know since childhood are monopole. They are direct-radiating, which is why the audio you hear is always forward-sounding coming from the speaker.

A monopole speaker is the type of speaker you’d want upfront. It allows you to hear sounds clearly when watching a movie or listening to music. Facing a monopole speaker away from the listener or viewer is never a good idea. You’ll notice a bit of distortion on the audio and the sound is less full.

Bipole Surround Speakers

A bipole speaker is a special type of surround speaker. As its name suggests, this sound equipment is bi-directional. Hence, it consists of two speakers that reproduce sound in opposite directions simultaneously.

All the 5.1 and 7.1 home theater systems you’ll find here at Home Cinema Effect are bipole speakers. The audio moves in opposite directions, which allows the sound to spread within the space. Since the sound is omnidirectional, you’ll have a better listening experience rather than a direct-firing speaker. It also doesn’t hurt your auditory senses and at the same lets, the sound travels throughout the room.

Bipole speaker placement is usually on the seating area positioned diagonally. Such positioning allows the surround speakers to project the audio in the room without being too forceful on the people listening.

Dipole Surround Speakers

Dipole surround speakers are also a special type of speaker. They are similar to bipoles that utilize a pair of speaker drivers.

A bipole speaker pushes sound to the other side. However, a dipole works opposite. The latter pulls the sound instead of pushing it towards the listeners which creates a diffused sound. This aspect makes it difficult for listeners to locate where the sound is coming from.

With this type of surround speaker, the key to a good audio performance is to find the correct placement. The speakers must be placed in the right position to get the best effect and prevent distortions.

A beginner might find it difficult to use a dipole speaker. If you’re new to surround sound systems, the best option is a bipole surround speaker.

Nylon vs Cotton Hammock: Which is a Better Choice?

Get to know your options when it comes to the hammock. Find out the difference between the most popular hammock materials – nylon and cotton, and learn which one suits you better. 

Imagine lying on a hammock after a tough day at work while the cool breeze brushes your skin. It calms your mind and drains the stress from both home and work. Indeed, hammocks are one of the best ways to enjoy the serene beauty of the outdoors and solitude.

Creating a personal refuge in your home is probably one of the reasons why you plan to buy a brand-new hammock. Although hammocks are easily available in stores, take note that they also vary in styles, types, and materials. Hence, one variety of hammocks might fail to deliver your expectations. It is why familiarizing yourself with its variants is necessary before making a purchase.

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a hammock is the material. The material of a hammock determines its level of comfort, durability, and longevity. Likewise, some materials are only suitable for indoor use, whereas others can withstand outdoor elements.

Highly sought-out hammocks are usually made either by cotton or nylon. Find out the difference between these two materials right here.

‘C’ in Cotton Hammock is for Comfort 

Cotton is probably the first material choice of buyers when it comes to hammocks. This material provides comfort that nylon can’t offer. Moreover, it stretches out more and allows your body to settle with ease.

Cotton is tear-resistant. It has long fibers that make a strong and durable hammock. Moreover, you can find a myriad of cotton hammocks in gorgeous designs.

While the softness of cotton is heaven, the care and maintenance it requires are not. Cotton needs more protection and extra care compared to nylons since it can easily get damaged when exposed to water, sunlight, and snow.

Also, using a cotton hammock outdoors is not a good idea due to its poor resistance to outdoor elements. Mold quickly grows on the material when exposed to excessive moisture, which could ruin the appearance and quality of the hammock.

In a nutshell, a cotton hammock is more suitable for indoor use. Its ability to provide comfort is top-notch. Thus, you can assure a good relaxation time on it.

Nylon for Toughness

If you aim to find a durable and hard-wearing hammock, you can never go wrong with nylon.

Nylon can’t provide the softness cotton does. However, you can assure the material is tougher and has a long lifespan. It is also lightweight, which makes it the best option for campers and hikers. One of the leading sources for outdoor gears, the Wandering Privateer can provide you a collection of high-quality nylon hammocks for camping and hiking.

You can hang a nylon hammock outdoors. It deals better with outdoor elements compared to cotton. It can withstand constant temperature changes, exposure to sunlight, and moisture. Though nylon is not soft as cotton, it can provide enough comfort to help you relax and sleep soundly.

In a nutshell, you must consider your purpose in buying a hammock. If it is indoors, grab a cotton hammock. On the other hand, if you aim to use the hammock outdoors, nylon is a better choice.

How to Choose the Best 18650 Flashlight? Everything you Need to Know

The 18650 lithium-ion battery-powered flashlight is one of the best flashlights to produce the brightest illumination; thus, owning one or two is worth it. However, with a myriad of options in the market today, choosing the best 18650 flashlights can be confusing. Fortunately, there are ways how.

The 18650 flashlights are now gaining a lot of popularity these days when comparing the 18650 to other types of flashlights. These flashlights are high-powered and can produce better illumination compared to other types of torches out there.
The question now is how to choose one of the top picks for the best 18650 flashlights when there are a lot of options to choose from? Fortunately, here is a list of key factors that you need to consider when choosing the best 18650 flashlights:

#1: The Lumens
Like many other LED flashlights, when buying a 18650 flashlight, you need to check the lumens of the flashlight. Lumens is the light output or often referred to as the intensity of the light. Lumens would usually range from 20 to 3500, enough to light a book to read and enough light to blind someone, respectively.
When buying a 18650 flashlight, you should check if it is built to produce enough illumination at a maximum output of 1000. However, this will also depend on your purpose of acquiring a 18650 flashlight to determine whether you need a higher or lower number of lumens.

#2: The Flashlight’s ‘Throw’
Another factor to consider is the flashlight’s ‘throw’ – how far the light beam can travel before its illumination starts to reduce. The throw or the beam distance is a valuable specification that you should not bypass when going through all the details of the 18650 flashlights you are about to purchase; the longer the throw, the better. However, you can always choose a 18650 with beam distance that meets your needs.

#3: The Run Time
Most of the 18650 flashlights have a longer run time due to the 18650 battery; however, the most crucial part when it comes to runtime is finding out how long the 18650 flashlight will last before it reduces to 10 percent of the power output. Also, you should check how long the battery can run last on each different light mode.

#4: Water-Resistant
It is always smart to choose a water-resistant 18650 flashlight in case you need to go outside during bad weather or go camping. Also, try reading some product reviews on the 18650 flashlights that you are planning to purchase and find out how long the flashlight can run when it is accidentally dropped into water.

#5: The Beam Type
Most modern flashlights have different beam types – focused, fixed, and adjustable. Focused or spot have single condensed beam that can travel to far distances. Fixed or flood is designed with single beam width, which is ideal for walking and camping. If you have the budget, it is wise to go for an adjustable 18650 flashlight where you can adjust the beam to focus or a fixed beam.

If still in doubt, you can always read reliable reviews and posts like this.

The Skin Care Routine of a Korean Mother

Even if you are born with good skin and have excellent skin genes, the aging process will still take its toll at one point. Skin is bound to age, but you can slow down that process with a good skincare routine. If you admire Korean women for how natural and young their skin looks like no matter what the age in the ID says, then you should have a closer look at a Korean mother’s skincare routine. Open your eyes to the amazing world of Korean skincare products and benefit from them to the fullest. It is with the help of these Korean anti-aging skincare products that you will keep your skin young and healthy for a long time. Korean mothers teach their daughters skincare rituals that they then follow for years and years. Here is what they do and what you should also do to maintain your skin young, healthy, and beautiful.

  1. Cleanse. It is the best way to begin a skincare beauty routine. Some women double cleanse, but most Korean women triple cleanse. You can triple cleanse using the same product. Our recommendation is to opt for an all-natural soap that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
  2. Tone. The second step of a healthy skincare routine is toning. Once your skin is clean, free of makeup, and free of the dust and the dirt that accumulates throughout the day, it is time to apply toner. When you are done cleaning, your skin needs moisture. Spray toner is easy to use, and it doesn’t require using your hands to apply it, so you avoid bacteria carried by the hands.
  3. Serum or essence. Step number three is an excellent skincare routine is dedicated to serum or essence. A vitamin C serum is excellent for the morning, while a night repair serum is preferred for the evenings. Again, it is best to avoid using your hands, so opt for serums that come with a pump or a dopper.
  4. Moisturizer. If you tend to have dry skin, you need to moisturize it as much as possible. Otherwise, it will begin to sag, and the fine lines will turn into deeper ones. Take moisturizing very seriously. Use a moisturizer twice or three times a day, and it will make a big difference.
  5. SPF. There is a no bigger enemy for the skin than the sun. It is not enough to use sunscreen in the summer. If you want to avoid aging signs, then you need to use sunscreen every single day.

Also, exfoliate once or twice a week because your face needs a helping hand to get rid of dead cells and dirt. A sheet mask used once a week is going to help as well. Choose a mask that contains hyaluronic acid for extra help at slowing down the aging process. I know that it sounds like there are numerous things to do to maintain your skin beautifully, but once you get used to the ritual, you become addicted.

LED Headlight Beam Pattern: A Guide for Beginners

Automotive light technology has many terminologies. And beam pattern is just one among the many. Find out more about headlight beam technology and how it affects the headlight’s functionality. 

If you have been browsing reviews and tips online on how to find a high-quality LED headlight, chances are you’ve come across several terminologies that you never knew before. One of the basic terms you will encounter is beam pattern.

What is Headlight Beam Pattern?

One of the elements you need to consider when buying a car headlight is beam pattern. It is perhaps the trickiest factor when purchasing headlights online. Of course, it is impossible to know the headlight’s beam pattern until it arrives at your door. It is why reading product reviews of potential options, such as this Hikari LED headlight review, is very helpful. It reduces your chances of purchasing an LED headlight with a poor beam pattern.

Every light source has a light pattern. For example, flashlights have two beam patterns known as throw and flood. In headlights, most automotive features a focused beam pattern is known as DOT. It is commonly used in North American vehicles. The pattern is apparent among projector-style headlights.

In a DOT pattern, the illumination has a focus and sharp cut-off.

This feature allows the headlight to produce less intense brightness. Hence, you can drive without blinding the oncoming drivers with this type of beam pattern. Therefore, there is minimal risk of road accidents.

Light Intensity and How it Affects Visibility

Upper cut-off in headlight illumination is a crucial factor in keeping drivers safe and in circumventing road accidents. However, one should take note that the amount of light in an output pattern is also vital.

A focused and small hot spot at the upper center of the beam pattern supports long-range visibility. It allows you to notice oncoming vehicles and objects. If the light intensity is higher around the middle, the light is thrown directly in the road creating blinding light projection. Likewise, it reduces long-distance vision, which is crucial in driving.

How to Upgrade? 

In a nutshell, a headlight’s beam pattern directly affects visibility and safety on the road. A good rule of thumb is to select a headlight with focused illumination and sharp cut-off since this type of beam pattern has a lesser risk of road accidents.

If you are planning to upgrade your headlight, do plenty of research before finalizing your decision. Consider the vital factors when buying headlights, such as the item’s level of brightness, beam pattern, type of reflector, and durability. And to make the right choices, always take into account the effects of factors on safe driving.

If you are going to buy headlights directly at a store, don’t hesitate to ask for a test-fit. Talk about your planned light upgrade and ask for assistance. In this manner, you can guarantee the right options and avoid spending money on poor headlights.

For online purchases, send your queries to the seller. You can also look for reviews from reliable online sources. Take note that it is trickier when buying online. Thus, avoid impulse purchases, you should take time to learn more about the item to find out whether it is a good investment.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Self-Intention Journal this 2021

Are you looking for a useful hobby this 2021? Why not try journaling self-intention every day? Check these reasons.

Everybody’s plans were ruined this year 2020. Suddenly, everybody was stuck at home for a month or so because of the virus threat. And then, you woke up one day, everyone is practicing the ‘New Normal’ – practice handwashing, social distancing, and staying at home all the time if possible.

For some, being stuck at home for months is putting their sanity at the edge. Sadly, not everyone can talk about what they are experiencing because of the ‘New Normal’. So, how can you vent out your anxiety and frustrations if you can’t even have a nice cup of coffee at the café with friends or family without observing social distancing?

Journaling your thoughts and frustrations is one of the powerful ways to keep you on the right track. And journaling your self-intention and self-purpose every day will help you beat anxiety, stress, and even depression.

So, if you are looking for a useful hobby this 2021, why not try journaling self-intention every day? Here are a few reasons why you should start a self-intention journal this 2021:

Reason #1: It helps you clarify your thoughts

Due to the negative things that keep popping from here and there, you are starting to experience mental fogginess or known as ‘brain fog’. According to the medical definition, brain fog is not a medical condition but, it is a term used to categorize a condition where a person is experiencing confusion, lack of focus, and disorganization of thoughts.

Writing self-intention every day can help beat ‘brain fog’. It helps dig up your inner thoughts and organize them. Thus, with organized thoughts on a journal, it will remind you of your clear goals and the things you have learned throughout the process. Fortunately, there are great self-intention journals that can help you organize your clear goals; you should find out more about this.

Reason #2: It can help you achieve your goal

Journaling your self-intention every day can help you achieve your goal; this is because of self-mapping. Self-mapping allows you to discover the things you can achieve and the things that you are lacking. Thus, with effective self-mapping and positivity, you can reach your goal without experiencing difficulties.

Reason #3: It can help you accept your flaws

Most of the people who are stuck at home due to virus threats are killing their time on social media. Unfortunately, most of the things you see on social media are not mentally healthy. Thus, exposure to such things can trigger stress, resulting in depression.

In most cases, the root of depression caused by social media is the inability to accept your flaws. Since social media shows only perfect things, you start to realize that you are lacking – this is the dark side of being on social media.

Fortunately, you can beat the feeling of imperfection through writing self-intention. It allows you to accept your flaws and realize that no man is perfect, but he is perfect because of his imperfections.

Final Thoughts

Writing self-intention can help flip negatives to positives. So, start claiming this 2021 a good year for you and start writing self-intention.

Chipolo One vs Tile Pro: A Comparison and Review

Chipolo and Tile are leading Bluetooth key finders in the market. Learn the differences between Chipolo’sOne and Tile’s Pro Bluetooth trackers and find out the best option for you. 

Bluetooth trackers dominated the market in a short period. Today, you can easily find such devices on various markets either physical or virtual. The convenience, functionality, and reliability of Bluetooth trackers are some of the reasons why many people have come to love them.

Chipolo and Tile are the leading brands of Bluetooth trackers nowadays. They dominated this industry in a short span. Now they have reached various countries and serving thousands to millions of people searching for effective tracking solutions.

Chipolo’s best key finder is Chipolo One, whereas Tile has the Pro version to compete with the top Bluetooth trackers today. If you are having a hard time choosing between these two, check out this Chipolo vs Tile comparison and review.

Chipolo One Key Specifications and Review 

Chipolo One stands out from the rest of the key finders in the market due to its impressive out-of-range alerts. It stays connected to your smartphone despite the great distance. It is quite dependable when it comes to alerts. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable Bluetooth trackers today with the best features.

Chipolo One is similar to former Chipolo models. It is circular and available in multiple colors. The device is small and measures 1.5 inches in diameter. The promised connectivity range of Chipolo One is 200 feet and produces a clear and loud ring of about 120 dB. Thus, you can hear the ring even you are two rooms away from the device.

This key finder is compatible with both iOS and Android from recent to later versions.

In terms of power source, this option uses a replaceable battery CR2032. The average lifespan of Chipolo One battery is approximately one year.

Another notable feature of Chipolo One is the ability to use the key finder as a remote button to take a selfie from your phone. You can use the Chipolo app to launch the camera and press the key finder twice to take a photo. This device also allows you to find your misplaced phone. The phone will ring even when silent.

Tile Pro Key Specifications and Review

The recent Tile Pro version has the longest range of key finders. The listed range of the device is up to 400 feet compared to its former version that can reach 200 feet. Moreover, the updated Tile Pro is more stylish, however, it still has the same size (1.65 x 1.65 x 0.26 inches).

Aside from the improved range of Tile Pro, it also has a louder speaker. It has an ear-splitting ring that you could easily hear even the device is buried under a pile of other items. Also, Tile Pro added extra features on their Tile Premium Service. The app can track your location history, free battery replacement, and share Tile Pro with unlimited persons. However, you need to pay extra fees to get these features.

Because of the upgrade, Tile Pro increased its price. If you are searching for a more affordable option, the Chipolo One is the best option.