Best Floor Jack of 2018 Complete Reviews

If you are looking for the best jack to buy, then you are in the right place. We have a detailed guide to consider when buying. Typically, there are many vendors and manufactures in the market. Therefore, it is very challenging to find the best vendor that you can depend on.

However, if you are a new person in the world of the floor jack, you should not worry. For the experienced buyers, this review will provide the best details your need. After reading everything, you will be able to know the right floor jack that will suit your needs.

1. Power zone 380044

When it comes to the best floor jack in the market, this aluminum jack tops the list. Typically, it is worth your money. It has a high performance with load capacity or three tons. Actually, you can use it to lift anything from a large SUV to a compact car.

Apart from the high performance, it can be used for high lift. The manufacturer has used high-quality material for durability and long-lasting. It is also designed with a rubber at the lifting point to protect your car. The handle is of reasonable length and easy to use. You should consider buying this product. Advantages of this product include;

  • High capacity product
  • Very economical
  • High lifting range

2. Arcan XL2T

This product has been discussed as the best lifting range. Generally, it is a low profile jack, so you can slide it under your vehicle. It will offer you fantastic lifting of 22.75 inches. This product can hold a load of up to 2 tonnes. Therefore, what you paying for is the lifting range.

The material used is heavy compared to the 38004. However, the material is durable and long lasting. The manufacturer offers an extra profile model and a low profile model. Buy the extra low profile make. It is cheap and light for mobility. Below are some of the advantages;

  • Very fast in lifting
  • Best lift height
  • An extra low profile

3. Hein Werner 93642

If you are a person who is looking for an American product, then you are in the right place. This product is manufactured in America. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty, so you can buy this product with confidence.

It is a high performing machine, which can hold weight up to two tones. On the other hand, it a bit heavy compared to other products. It is designed with a reasonable height for the handle. Therefore, it is easy to use. Some advantages include;

  • High performance
  • Warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

4. Torin T83006

The product is available at an affordable price and can hold a load of up to 3 tons. The material used to manufacture is durable for long-lasting. The product is lightweight for easy mobility. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, so you can buy this product with confidence. Typically, it lighter compared to other floor jacks.

5. Lift master Hydraulic floor jack

If you are looking for a high-performance product, then this might be your best pick. Typically, it is lightweight for mobility and can hold up to 2 tonnes. It has a minimum height of five inches and a maximum of 23 inches. The product is designed with a rust resistant. The material used is durable for long-lasting. You should consider buying this high-performance product.