Ancestry DNA Testing Companies to Consider

Most people in this world have the passion and desire to determine their origins. Meaning, they want to know their relatives far beyond their great, great grandparents. Likewise, they are also into knowing their ethnicity percentages. Such curiosity has led to the development of the ancestry DNA analysis or testing. As more people become interested, the popularity of the test has started over powering the popularity of paternity DNA testing. In fact, as evidence, more and more companies are now starting to offer such services. Generally speaking, most of such companies sell sterile test kits that contain items that will be used for sample collection. Such will then be sent to the DNA testing company for analysis and evaluation. Such convenience has been one of the reasons why the test is availed by many people.


Nevertheless, people should carefully scrutinize the ancestry DNA testing company that they are going to choose. One of the best ways to find such is to check the reviews at The thing is that covers all the top choices for ancestry, pet, and health-related DNA testing companies. When it comes to ancestry DNA, the website highly recommends Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). It is a company that has a large database of surnames and DNA profiles. Thus, the clients will be able to trace their farthest and nearest relatives or ancestral lineages. They are also able to determine their ethnicity mixture percentages. In addition, what reviewers love about the company is that it’s website is very easy to navigate. What is better is that the company provides three different types of DNA analysis or testing. Likewise, the company also stores samples and results for 25 years.

Another company that has a large database wherein the clients’ results can be matched is AncestryDNA. What makes it stand out amongst the other ancestral DNA testing companies is that the accuracy of the results cannot be questioned. That is due to the fact that it uses high-end technological methods, specifically the microarray-based autosomal DNA testing procedure. In addition, the company also gives the clients the option to either have the sample destroyed and deleted or stored. Another company that is highly recognized is the Geno 2.0 Next Generation, an integral part of the Geno 2.0 Next Generation Project. It offers the two types of test. One is the mitochondrial DNA test or mtDNA, which determines the genes related to the person’s maternal lineage. Second is the Y-DNA test, wherein the paternal lineages or markers are detected.


The standout feature of the above-mentioned company is that people will be able to determine the migration history of their blood relatives. It is also able to give clients the information about their genome relations to people from more than 12 regions. Additionally, clients are given the freedom to upload their results on the website. Such will help them connect with their possible relatives. On another note, the common advantage of choosing the three companies mentioned is the security and privacy of the client’s information and result.

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