African Transkei: The ‘One’ Shroom for Psychonauts Looking for Spiritual Enlightening

Do you want to experience a never before spiritual enlightening? Find out one of the best magic mushroom for experienced psychonauts today.

Magic mushroom has many uses. It gained popularity due to its potential health benefits. Studies show that shrooms contain psilocybin, a hallucinogenic compound that works similar to LSDs. Psilocybin is an anti-depressant substance. It helps in managing and combatting stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychiatric disorder.

Aside from the shroom’s medicinal properties, one of the reasons behind its immense demand is the mushroom’s recreational function. Psychonauts use magic mushrooms for recreational purposes and spiritual awakening. Psilocybin in shrooms allows psychonauts to have deeper introspection, thereby helping them to discover their inner selves. Studies also illustrate that using psilocybin boots a person’s creativity and self-awareness.

If you are ready to discover more of yourself and experience spiritual enlightening, you need to choose the right magic mushroom. Shrooms vary in potency; therefore, some could help you reach the awakening you year, whereas others have a milder impact. For spiritual awakening, one of the top options is African Transkei.

Discover African Transkei

African Transkei is one of the sought out and top-seller dried magic mushrooms online. It is the favorite of experienced psychonauts due to the experience it delivers.

African Transkei, also generally known as AT or Transkei Cubensis, is a strain of magic mushroom PsilocybeCubensis found in the wild Coast of South Africa. It is the only psilocybecubensis that grows in the African lands. It inhabits under the shade of tall trees, which also makes them easy to cultivate.

The magic mushroom is medium in size. It has a solid stem that is a bit gnarly. Younger AT has bright orange to brown caps. The shroom’s caps turn pale to white as it matures.

AT spores are purple, giving it a unique white, cold, purple patterned hues. The unique appearance of AT is the reason why psychonauts dubbed it as the white mushroom from South Africa.

The Effect of African Transkei

This magic mushroom is likewise known as a modern strain and quite potent. It is a good choice for experienced psychonauts but not for neophytes. Beginners in AT should seek guidance from the experts to avoid ‘bad trips.’

Two grams of AT distorts vision. It opens the eyes to dancing lights, geometric shapes, and warping. It also affects the auditory senses, which distorts one’s perception of reality. A higher dosage of the substance can produce hallucinations with eyes open and closed.

You will feel a tingling sensation on your skin after taking the substance. It boosts vivacity, mood, and euphoria.

Beware that the effect of AT kick-starts ten to forty minutes from the time of consumption. The effect may also last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the dosage. Since the effect of AT has a long duration, experts suggest that first-time users should stay at a familiar place with a reliable company to prevent accidents.

Never use AT when pregnant, and do not mix with alcohol, as well as other substances. Mixing AT with other substances is extremely dangerous. Thus, practice caution when taking the substance.

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