Top Mind-Blowing Facts about Magic Mushrooms

At first glance, most of the mushrooms that you may see aren’t pretty fascinating and magical; however, if you go deeper into its world, you’ll discover that there are several types of mushrooms and not only the ones used in the kitchen or the poisonous ones, but there are psilocybin mushrooms that are getting a lot of controversies today.

Psilocybin mushrooms, colloquially known as ‘magic mushrooms’, are a polyphyletic group of fungi that contains psilocybin and or psilocin – hallucinogenic alkaloid – that provides the feeling of euphoria and slight to extreme sensory distortion. For this reason, some countries ban the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of shrooms.

Despite being categorized as a Scheduled I drug in most countries, there are a lot of researchers claiming that ‘magic mushrooms’ have several potentials in medicine. There are a lot of mind-blowing facts about shrooms that you probably haven’t heard before.

Fact #1: Magic mushrooms have been used a hundred years ago

Historians believe that shrooms may have been discovered and used back in 9000 B.C. in North Africa based on the rock paintings.

Also, it is found that the statues in Mayan and Aztec ruins in Central America have what it appear mushrooms.

Fact #2: Magic mushrooms are legal in some countries

Despite the controversies, shrooms are legal in some countries including Canada, Jamaica, Czech Republic, and more. These countries openly allow cultivation, distribution, and consumption of shrooms; however, it is still regulated due to potential abuse.

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Fact #3: Shrooms are non-addictive

Several studies have suggested that psilocybin – a compound found in mushrooms – is useful in addiction withdrawal including smoking, alcohol, and more. Although mushrooms are psychedelic, the magic shrooms are found non-addictive.

Fact #4: Can treat depression

The ‘magic mushroom’ has passed the first clinical trial for efficacy and is currently on its second phase at a progressive pace. The shrooms’ positive progression in the medical field is a good sign, especially on people with depression.

Several studies have claimed that the consumption of shrooms has improved the mood and well-being of individuals with depression; thus, concluding that psilocybin is effective in treating people with anxiety and depression.

Fact #5: Magic shroom can cause personality change

Psilocybin is discovered to excite the brain’s activity; thus, improving focus, openness, conscientiousness, and more. As a result, people taking magic mushrooms may find themselves easily reacting on things that they seldom react too – a change in personality.

Final Thoughts

Are shrooms safe to use?

There are several kinds of magic shrooms that you can buy and medically consume; however, each of the magic shrooms has a different strain of potency. For this reason, before purchasing the ‘magic mushroom’ makes sure to learn everything about it including the preparation and consumption of the shroom.

So, is the shroom safe to use? Yes, it is; however, only if the magic mushroom is consumed according to the expert’s advice.

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