Buyers guide to can openers

There are plenty of can openers in the market today. However, choosing a can opener that suits your needs can be a daunting task. The choices range from the electric, manual and the crown patch can openers. All these are manufactured to meet specific customer’s needs. Thus, it is upon you to invest in a can opener that will not frustrate you.

Below, I have provided a buyer’s guide to can openers. These are things that the can opener must meet to satisfy your needs. The item you choose should be dependent on your taste and the budget.

1. Smooth, low effort performance

You need to remember that you need a can opener since there are many such tools in the market which will not execute the tasks accordingly. Sometimes, you may not be at home, yet your kids need to feed. Thus, the can opener you pick should be kids friendly and easy to use. Therefore, settle for a can opener that is not complicated to set up. It must lock onto the cans lid perfectly. It should not slip off when making a cut or when turning. Also, it would be perfect if you invest in a can opener that leaves smooth cuts that pose no risk to the user. These go by the names safe-cut and smooth-edge can openers.

2. Easy to clean

You can opt for the side cut can openers that do not touch the content inside. By this, they remain clean and still; you avoid contamination of your food. If you have a top cut can opener, chances are it touches the food inside. Thus, for this can openers, an assembly of removable blades that are easy to clean come in handy. You can clean them using a dishwasher. If it is user-friendly and has fewer chances of hurting you, you can hand wash which is common in most handheld can openers.

3. Sturdy built

It should feature a strong make which guarantees you for life-long services. Additionally, get a can opener made from stainless steel. The material rust proof and ensures that your tool is durable to suffice your needs for an extended time. If it is handheld, it should have comfortable handles that have rubber to enhance the grips. If it is an electric can opener, it should be heavy enough to handle large weights. It should securely grip along the lid ready to rip it off without it fidgeting or falling. Source your can opener from reputable manufacturers who offer a warranty and a refund of your money if the item is faulty.

4. Size

For the electric can openers, they must be taller than the cans you open. For the hand-held can openers, ensure that it can fit in most of your kitchen drawers.

Most can openers have different features all put in place to ease with the use and to enhance its purpose. Thus, with a good can opener, you will avoid spilling your food and getting hurt in the process of opening. With the above guide, you are sure to get the best can opener in the market.