Things to look out for when purchasing a bassinet

Having a newborn baby is always a blessing. When you are having a newborn, it is advisable to keep your baby as close as possible. This is where the bassinets come in. A bassinet offers numerous benefits during your infant’s life. Portable, cozy and standard bassinet seems to be a decent place for your baby. It may be a safe and comfortable place for your beautiful and tiny infant. Best bassinets offer enough space for your baby.

Most bassinets look stylish and attractive. This can confuse you when purchasing one especially when you are shopping online. Therefore, you must be keen and attentive. Since newborns need special care, you should do everything to make this happen. By doing so, you make your baby’s life happy and enjoyable. Here are the things to look out for when purchasing a bassinet:


You don’t buy a bassinet just because you see it or you need it. Portability is a factor that you should always consider before making your final buying decision. Make sure that the bassinet is easy to carry and transport. A strong set of wheels are vital as they make it move relatively faster. Also, a nice bassinet can be disassembled and folded quickly for easy travel and storage. Because many women want to keep their newborn close to them during the day and late night hours, a portable bassinet may work well for them. In fact, it will bring no disturbances when you are moving your baby around different rooms. It is essential for moms who don’t like to wake up their baby up prematurely. Get a portable one, and it will work better for your baby.

Bassinet Safety Standards

Whether asleep or not, newborn babies require high standards of safety. Traditional bassinets were only there for voluntary safety standards. With the new models in the market, make sure you choose wisely. You should know that the best bassinet must follow the Federal Bassinet Safety Standards that went into effect 5 years ago. These standards are beneficial because they ensure the bassinet is durable and stable. Requirements for mattresses to together with other soft parts have reduced the risk of entrapment or suffocation. When shopping around, buy the bassinet that meets these standards.

Age Limits and Weight

Before making your investments, make sure you have a clue about the best features of a bassinet. The expert recommends you to know the age limits and weight of your baby. Most bassinets in the market have weight limits ranging from 15-20 pounds. With this, you will make a good selection. Some bassinet may hold a heavier infant while others will not. Buy a bassinet that will handle the weight of your baby for at least 6 months before you buy a new one. Remember that your newborn will keep on growing each day until you transfer him or her to a baby crib. Let your bassinet serve for a good duration of time before the baby outgrows it. Before buying one, check the instructions to ensure maximum capacity requirements and weight limits.