Is Patagonia Nano Puff Better Than Down Sweater?

Patagonia is a renowned jacket manufacturers and the have been in this trade for a long time. Their products are indisputably some of the best in the market and thus their clients have tested and verified their quality. They are all alluring and have value for your money. In fact, you do not have to think twice when buying their products because they are indeed topnotch. You will learn some tips here about backpacking with the Patagonia Nano Puff. They offer you satisfactory service not to mention that you will be fully satisfied by their alluring looks. When you clad in them, all eyes will turn to you with amazement.

Style and design

These are really nice outfits that are unlike any other. There are no other jackets that you can compare to them in the market to their exceptional and unique style and design. The designers did not take their cue from any other brand. Instead, they came up with something that is absolutely like itself. When you consider their elegance and magnificence, you will not even feel the pinch of the extra coin that you pay for them. Expensive is cheap and faint heart never won fair lady. Wherefore, if you have decided for this brand, you will amaze many people due to our classic style.

Features Nano Puff

It is carefully designed and engineered incorporating amazing qualities and features. It is made of:-

  • Synthetic 60 grams of PrimaLoft
  • It weighs 11.9oz
  • Its cuff material is elastic
  • It has no rip stop threading
  • You can buy hooded or normal backpacks

The best thing about the synthetic down is that it retains its insulation even when it is wet. Wherefore, during the rainy season, you can opt to put on the synthetic one because you will not get wet. Rain water will not penetrate through and thus you will remain comfortable and not be at the risk of contracting diseases.


Due to the usage of less down, synthetic jacket is lighter and you will not use more kilojoules when wearing it. Both the heavier and lighter ones have their own advantages and if it is no in winter, Nano Puff will serve the purpose. The heavier one will also be warmer and if the weather is cold in the morning and sunny later in the day, the heavier one will be just a load to you.

Rip Stop Threading

Nano Puff does not incorporate the rip stop threading. This is bad because if a part of your threading is unraveled, it will cause the others to follow suit. Instead of the aforementioned threading design, Nano Puff has smaller stitching that are square in shape. The rip stop design was only incorporated in the Down Sweater which is not so different from the Nano Puff but they exempted it from the latter.

There are hooded and others are not hooded Nano Puffs, and you just choose the one that suits you best. These are features of this outstanding jacket.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Shower Head?

Hard water tends to damage the appearance of your shower head because of calcium buildup and extended use with zero maintenance. Most people want simple and straightforward ways to clean their shower heads comfortably and affordably. Have you ever seen a shower head that makes you cringe with disgust? Probably yes and the key reason is because of dirt. The most common area which is affected by a dirty shower head is the inbuilt little holes which clog up and create a problem with water pressure while you are showering. It can get a bit difficult to clean off and scrub out by just use of water.

The first method to clean your shower head is by using a sandwich/plastic bag, hair tie or a regular rubber band, cleaning vinegar and a cleaning toothbrush. Fill your plastic bag with vinegar (preferably white vinegar), attach it to your shower head and use the hair tie to secure the bag into position. Soaking for a few hours works well but if the calcium build up is extreme, leave it overnight for impressive results. You can see the debris start to float into the vinegar a few minutes into the process.

The final step is to take your cleaning toothbrush and scrub into the little holes gently. Also, it is ideal to flash it out with some hot or room temperature water between 3-5 minutes, for everything to clear out. The whole process takes only a few hours and the results are promising.

The second method is using baking powder, vinegar, and a plastic bag. This method helps to keep harmful chemicals out. Ensure the plastic bag is large enough to fit comfortably around the showerhead. Mix approximately a cup of white vinegar with a cup of baking soda inside a bag. Immediately the baking soda will bubble up due to the reaction taking place which is a strong cleaning agent.  Secure tightly your bag over the showerhead with a tie or rubber band ensuring the head is completely covered. Leave overnight, and wipe down in the morning with water until all the solution is gone.

The next alternative method is to frequently wash your shower head after a few uses. Most of the brown and white discolorations are from water and extended use over time.  This way you can save on costs to purchase cleaning detergents and on time to wait for the process to take effect. Take caution not to use harsh liquids when descaling your shower head.

If you want some more peace and comfort while showering, there are some good shower head extension options, like adjustable shower head from Aqua Elegante which gives you a comfortable standing under the shower with enough room to spare. Also, it helps you use a lower flow rate due to even water distribution throughout showering. Another shower head extension is the Vida Alegria which measures 18 inches in length. The installation is quick and easy with straightforward directions. Most customers admit it provides extended service with little maintenance.


A dehydrator is an appliance or an engineered system designed to remove water from substances such as absorbents or food. It mainly comprises of a heating element, a fan and air vents. The food dehydrator is used for drying and preserving foods by removing most of the moisture contained in the food, thus reducing the potential problem with spoilage that occur with fresh foods. Foods can be dehydrated by placing whole or sliced items in the sun or by simply allowing them to air dry on open racks with screening or holes that permits heat and air to reach the outer surfaces of the item being dried. As a result of the dehydration process is that the food may end up being smaller in size and may have a flattened or irregular shape. Click here to read more about the best food dehydrators according to consumer reports.

Below are some of the top best food dehydrators according to consumer report 2018.


This dehydrator includes 10 trays so you can create different types of dehydrated foods in one convenient batch at a fraction of the cost of commercially dried food. Its digital temperature setting provide accurate drying times and temperature to make it super easy for you to start creating delicious dried foods. Gourmia food dehydrator is designed with a clear door that allows you to monitor the progress of drying meat, beef jerky, fruit slices, or any other dried food snack. At Gourmia, we take the quality of our products very serious. We also provide a bonus cookbook to customers, to help them create all types of delicious creations using our dehydrator.


This nesco harvest food dehydrator kit comes with 16 pieces to get you start making beef jerky in on time. The American food dehydrator has a top mounted fan of 500 watts of drying power. The dehydrator it comes with 5 trays and is expandable to 12 trays. Additionally, it comprises of 5 packs of spices and cures, a jerky gun with 3 different tip attachments, 2 fruit roll sheets, 2 clean screen drying screens and finally a receipt book.


This $40 food dehydrator has over 1,000 5-star review and is extremely easy to use and it makes great fruit leather and beef jerky. The presto dehydro comes ready to make meat jerky and dried fruits and veggies, but additional kits contains mesh screens, fruit roll screens and accessories for fancy snacks like fruits leather have to be purchased separately.

In sum, food dehydrators are less expensive, all natural, portable , reduces waste and makes food taste better. Dehydration was an early form of food preservation, since it only required a safe place to store the food while it dried up. The water content of food is usually very high,

It removes moisture from food retains various bacteria from growing and spoiling food thus reduces the weight of the food.